Why the CAA+NPR+NRC is a toxic cocktail for everyone 1

Why the CAA+NPR+NRC is a toxic cocktail for everyone

It is not just Muslims who will be affected adversely

The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA), combined with the proposed National Population Register (NPR), which is the first step to a nationwide NRC (National Register of Citizens), is likely to be disastrous, not just for Muslims, but also all other Indians as can be seen in the following point-wise analysis:


  • Citizenship gives us the right to have rights. Apart from voting rights, citizens are entitled to fundamental rights such as equality, freedom of speech, non-discrimination, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, etc. They have a right to permanently reside in India. Most state welfare schemes are only meant for citizens, e.g., MNREGA, reservation for SC/ ST / OBC people, food ration via the PDS, etc. Foreigners in India are only entitled to the fundamental right of life and personal liberty.
  • Indian citizenship can be by birthnaturalisationregistration and annexation. In most of India, for citizenship by birth, from 1950-1987 a person has to be born here to be an Indian citizen; after 1987, apart from her/his birth, one of the parents has to be an Indian Citizen; after 2004, in addition to his/her birth, one of the parents has be an Indian Citizen and the other should not be an illegal migrant.
  • Due to the Assam Accord, 1985, foreigners who had entered Assam before March 25, 1971, were to be given citizenship.

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