"Understanding the Psychology of Hatred"

Understanding the Psychology of Hatred | The Wire

“The viciousness haters display comes from their ability to morally disengage from their actions and create excuses for the hatred they feel or the suffering that they consciously cause.”

N.C. Asthana, retired IPS office, ex-DGP, Kerala writes about the Psychology of Haters.

Quoting from the article:

Thrill seekers, defensive or retaliatory haters 

Daniel Burke cites a study by Jack McDevitt and Jack Levin, social scientists in Boston, who analysed hate crimes. The study points out that many hate crimes are driven by an immature itch for excitement and drama. In some cases, the haters see themselves as ‘defending’ their neighbourhood, religion or the country. Some are, in their perception, retaliatory attacks for some real or imaginary crime committed by the victims’ community. The mission-offenders are those who think that they are ‘ordained’ to wage a ‘war’ against the other community.

Taking ‘revenge’ for wrongs committed in the past

The media factory of haters is overflowing with debatable, if not outrightly distorted, accounts of stories ranging from those of genocide, rapes, and sexual slavery in medieval India to the so-called ‘love jihad’ in recent times. Many of us receive such messages on WhatsApp also. They brazenly exhort us to take revenge for the supposed wrongs committed upon a particular community in the past. By invoking the question of ‘honour’ of the victim community, which cannot be compromised, they leave them with no option other than fanning hatred and seeking revenge.

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