Bared: Police ‘brutality’ on AMU students | Uttar Pradesh | Telegraph India

Bared: Police ‘brutality’ on AMU students | CAA | Uttar Pradesh | Telegraph India

Topics: Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) | Uttar Pradesh

’60 students suffered varying degrees of injuries and trauma and had to run to the emergency department of the campus medical college’ – Telegraph India

Uttar Pradesh –  Three activist-lawyers who visited Aligarh Muslim University on Monday have come up with a damning report on the police crackdown on students a day earlier, saying security forces fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades to break up a “peaceful” protest against the new citizenship law.

Delhi-based advocates Aman Khan and Fazal Abdali, of the Human Rights Law Network, and Fawaz Shaheen of Quill Foundation claimed the police and Rapid Action Force personnel also resorted to “deceptive shelling”, firing explosives camouflaged as tear gas shells.

The three released a list of 21 students and two AMU employees who they said were either missing or had been detained without the varsity authorities being informed.

A senior Uttar Pradesh police officer had earlier said no student had been detained and the police had merely responded to tackle “violent protesters”.

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