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A footage of a group of men attacking a bus is being shared to claim that Muslims are attacking public property in Delhi during the Delhi riots. This claim is false; it is from an incident of road rage in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Watch this episode of BOOM Reports to know more.

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“The AAP convener’s advice to read the holy text came towards the end of his daily webcast briefing”

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“The court, while granting bail, barred the demonstrators from visiting Shaheen Bagh for the ‘purpose of any protest’.”

Read More at: Covid-19: Delhi court grants bail to three Shaheen Bagh protestors accused of defying lockdown | Scroll

“Three protesters – Taseer Ahmed, Shan Mohammed and Syed Masood Ahmad – were arrested under various sections of Indian Penal Code and the Epidemic Act.”

Read More at: In Bail Conditions, Shaheen Bagh Protesters Told Not to Post Opinions on CAA | The Wire

“The protester is not allowed to post any opinion on CAA, NPR or NRC on any social media or messenger services.”

Read More at: Protester Given Bail on Condition to Not Speak on CAA/NRC/NPR | The Quint

“Citizenship Amendment Act Latest breaking news, pictures, photos and Video News. Find Citizenship Amendment Act news headlines, photos, videos, comments, blog posts and opinion at The Indian Express.”

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“Hindutva supporters used the Kabul Gurdwara Attack to taunt Sikhs in India for serving langar at Shaheen Bagh.”

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An application has been moved in the Delhi High Court challenging the closing down of the Idgah Relief Camp in Mustafabad by the Delhi government. Filed by victims of attack during the Delhi

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“Where will I go? I need someone to take care of me, and I have no family left,” said Nizamuddin, who lost his family members and his limbs in the Delhi riots.

Read More at: Coronavirus Fears Are a Double Whammy for Displaced Victims of Delhi Riots | The Wire

“‘Among the fascinating ways in which women have chosen to express cross-community solidarities these last few months is the interlacing of burqas and bindis.’”

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“The NPR update was to be taken up along with the first phase of the census in the entire country, except Assam”

Read More at: NPR update put off till further notice | Telegraph India

“Ardra Narayanan was detained on February 21 for holding a placard in Kannada that read “Kashmir Mukti, Dalit Mukti, Muslim Mukti” (Free Kashmir, free Dalit, free Muslim) at a protest called by pro-Hindu organisation.”

Read More at: Bengaluru girl gets bail a month after she held ‘Free Kashmir’ placard | The Indian Express

“In early March, the U.P. police put up several hoardings in Lucknow identifying those accused of violence during anti-CAA protests in December 2019. Omar Rashid reports on the accused who are struggling to fight the stigma of being featured on the hoardings though they have not been convicted”

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“Wajahat Habibullah, a Shaheen Bagh interlocutor, writes how this protest is a display of the triumph of democracy.”

Read More at: How Shaheen Bagh Protestors Got Tacit Support From the Judiciary | The Quint

“Kafeel Khan, the suspended pediatrician from Gorakhpur who was arrested during anti-CAA protest, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to order his release so that he can serve India by joining the fight against COVID-19.”

Read More at: Jailed Doctor Kafeel Khan Writes To PM, Offers Help In Fighting COVID-19 | NDTV

“Assistant professor Abrar Ahmad said he was trying to parody the government’s targeting of CAA protesters, but admitted that Twitter’s word limit left room for misinterpretation.”

Read More at: Jamia Suspends Professor For ‘Sarcastic Tweet’ on Failing Non-Muslim Students | The Wire

“For their rights, for their future, for their dignity. I stand with them.”

Namaste! My name is Aanya Gupta and I am a 12-year-old girl studying at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari in Gurugram. On 24 March, the Shaheen Bagh protest site was cleared after 101 days. This prompted me to write about my trip there on Sunday, 8 March. My aunt Ruchira Gupta took me for my first peaceful protest and I am reporting on the same.

Read More at: The Shaheen Bagh Protest Through the Eyes of a 12-Year-Old | The Quint

Delhi Police dispersed protestors at Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Millia Islamia Tuesday morning after the govt imposed total lockdown because of coronavirus outbreak.

Read More at: Art installations at Shaheen Bagh, Jamia removed by Delhi Police, graffiti painted white | The Print

“A controversial tweet by a Jamia Millia Islamia professor stating that he had “failed 15 non-Muslim students” in an exam led to a flurry of criticism, prompting the university to suspend him and order an inquiry against him on Thursday.”

Read More at: Jamia University Professor Says He “Failed Non-Muslim Students”, Suspended  | NDTV

“Thousands of protesters had pitched camps from December 15 at Shaheen in protest against the CAA”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh plea on ‘ruthless’ eviction | Telegraph India

“Akhil might still be in judicial custody as he is in Sivasagar jail in connection with another case”

Read More at: Akhil Gogoi gets bail | Telegraph India

बेंगलुरु के तनेरी रोड पर हजरत बिलाल मस्जिद के करीब बिलाल बाग से उठते नारे मीलों दूर तक सुनाई देते हैं. 8 फरवरी से बेंगलुरु के बिलाल बाग में महिलाएं और छात्र …

Read More at: Bengaluru: CAA के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन, साथ ही एक-दूसरे का हौसला बनीं महिलाएं | Quint Hindi – YouTube

“Everywhere I went, I was offered a platform, friendship & hospitality – a circle of women to sit with after I spoke.”

Read More at: What Shaheen Bagh Means to Me, My 12-Yr-Old Niece & Gloria Steinem | The Quint

“Jamia has suspended Ahmad pending enquiry for inciting “communal disharmony”.The teacher, however, has said the tweet was “sarcastic” and “misinterpreted”.”

Read More at: Jamia suspends professor who said he won’t pass ‘non-Muslim’ students for supporting CAA | The Indian Express

“On 24 February, I witnessed the Delhi Police’s deliberate inaction in the face of violence by a Hindu right-wing mob in northeast Delhi’s Maujpur.”

Read More at: Delhi Police watched as Hindu mob brutally beat Muslim man, looted shop in Maujpur | Caravan Magazine

“The residents alleged police brutality and targeted hostility, and claimed that no medical checks of those injured was done.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA Protesters from Rajasthan’s Baran Languish in jail | NewsClick

“Abrar Ahmad, an assistant professor at Jamia University had said on Twitter on Wednesday that he has chosen to fail 15 non-Muslim students who didn’t support the agitation against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).”

Read More at: Jamia Millia professor fails 15 non-Muslim students, university suspends him over communal act | IndiaToday

On the morning of 24 March, hours after the protest site at Shaheen Bagh had been cleared by the Delhi Police, five women in Bengaluru’s Bilal Bagh sat waiting for the inevitable. It had been 46 days since they had begun their sit-in protest against the CAA, NRC and NPR, and they knew the police would come knocking any minute.

Read More at: Protesting in a pandemic: National lockdown over coronavirus outbreak changes how Bilal Bagh’s women carry on anti-CAA fight | Firstpost

“Shaheen Bagh, the epicentre of anti-CAA resistance: Here’s a look at the key moments of the 100-day-long protests.”

Read More at: 100 Days of Resistance: Key Moments From Shaheen Bagh CAA Protests | The Quint

“The protesters claimed that the police brought young civilian men in large numbers to assist in forced dismantling.”

Read More at: ‘Forced Eviction’: Shaheen Bagh Protesters Write to SC, Seek Probe | The Quint

“Park Circus ground in Kolkata had become epicentre of rallies”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters place shoes, placards to keep protest going | The Hindu

“Symbolic protest continues with support for COVID-19 lockdown”

Read More at: Kolkata’s anti-CAA protesters leave placards, shoes | The Hindu

“The updation of NPR was also proposed to be done along with the Phase I of Census 2021 in all the states/UTs, except Assam.”

Read More at: NPR exercise, Census 2021 updation postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus, says MHA | IndiaToday

“Many Dalits feel that the BJP made promises that won it their support, but its actions once in power seem clearly anti-Dalit.”

Read More at: Future of Dalit Politics Swings Between Decline and Regeneration | The Wire

“We need to build more bridges, as in Northeast Delhi’s relief camps.”

Read More at: Solidarity And Distancing | The Indian Express

“Nine protesters, including six women, were detained after they refused to leave, said DCP (southeast) R P Meena.”

Read More at: Hours into Delhi lockdown, on 101st day of sit-in, Shaheen Bagh cleared, police cite curbs | The Indian Express

“The Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) on Tuesday alleged that policemen defaced their anti-CAA graffiti on the walls of the university, a charge denied by police.”

Read More at: Jamia Students Claim Cops Defaced Anti-CAA Graffiti On University Walls | NDTV

““After several meetings, Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava first tightened curbs and then made a ‘secret plan’ to clear protest sites. All JCPs of ranges concerned were asked to prepare a plan to clear the roads,” said the officer.”

Read More at: Delhi Police laid out detailed plan to clear anti-CAA protests | The Indian Express

“Twitter handle ‘Shaheen Bagh Official’ vows to keep the movement going”

Read More at: ‘The protest ends, but movement lives on’ | The Hindu

“The graffiti had been painted while the protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act was underway outside the gate of Jamia Millia Islamia.”

Read More at: Jamia students claim policemen defaced anti-CAA graffiti on walls of university | IndiaToday

“On a day when the police removed anti-CAA protesters from Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, agitators at the Bengal version of the Shaheen Bagh in Kolkata’s Park Circus on Tuesday agreed to the state government’s request and decided that only a batch of seven will contiue the stir till the coronavirus crisis ends.”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh-Like Anti-CAA Protests In Kolkata To Continue Amid Lockdown | NDTV

“The exercise to update the National Population Register (NPR) and the first phase of the Census 2021 will not be held as scheduled due to the 21-day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officials said on Tuesday.”

Read More at: National Population Register, First Phase Of Census Deferred: Officials | NDTV

“Welcoming the removal of anti-CAA protesters from Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, BJP’s national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain on Tuesday said dispersal of the agitators from the site was in the best interest of everyone in view of the coronavirus outbreak.”

Read More at: Removal of Shaheen Bagh protesters in everybody’s interest: BJP’s Shahnawaz Hussain | IndiaToday

“Shaheen Bagh has been the site of the longest peaceful anti-CAA protests in India. But this ended on 24 March.”

Read More at: Amid Lockdown, Police Rid Shaheen Bagh Of All Traces of Protest | The Quint

“DCP RP Meena said, “Police removed only those things that were obstructing the road in Shaheen Bagh.””

Read More at: ‘Not Aware’: DCP on Cops Removing Anti-CAA Posters at Shaheen Bagh | The Quint

“From Shaheen Bagh to Jamia, several protest sites were cleared by police citing lockdown.”

Read More at: Photos: From Shaheen Bagh to Jamia, Sites Cleared Citing COVID-19 | The Quint

“For a hundred days, Delhi had a living heart – an inclusive, peaceful protest that resisted every kind of provocation. Yet there was also a risk to the Shaheen Bagh model.”

Read More at: Farewell to Shaheen Bagh, as Political Togetherness Yields to Social Distance | The Wire

“Anti-CAA protestors at Kolkata’s Park Circus left their shoes at the site as they practice social distancing.”

Read More at: Corona Crisis: Kolkata’s Park Circus Protesters ‘Work’ From Home | The Quint

““We will not let our efforts go to waste. We have accomplished some things, but the fight is long,” said a woman protester.”

Read More at: ‘Our Fight Is Still On’: Shaheen Bagh’s Spirit Remains Unbroken | The Wire

“The Shaheen Bagh sit-in protest was cleared amid coronavirus pandemic.”

Read More at: Don’t See Shaheen Bagh Clearance as Win or Loss: SC Interlocutors | The Quint

“The unique sit-in protest against the citizenship law — conducted mostly by women — started on December 15, 2019, had inspired similar demonstrations across the country. The protest site was cleared Tuesday morning.”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh’s 101-day protest: Timeline of sit-in against CAA | The Indian Express

“The women protesters at Ghanta Ghar, who have been sitting in protest since January 17, in a letter to Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujeet Pandey informed their decision to pause their protest.”

Read More at: Lucknow’s Ghanta Ghar: Women sit-ins against CAA get outbreak ‘halt’ | The Indian Express

“The Shaheen Bagh protest site, where hundreds of women were stationed for several months for the agitation against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), has been cleared by Delhi Police personnel.”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh protest site cleared by police as Delhi goes under coronavirus lockdown | IndiaToday

“The ‘Bilal Bagh’ anti-CAA protestors in Bengaluru also called off their demonstrations.”

Read More at: Covid-19: Police clear Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protest site amid lockdown in Delhi | Scroll

“Not just Shaheen Bagh – the lockdown measures put in place during the pandemic has resulted in a number of anti-CAA protest sites across the country being cleared.”

Read More at: After a 101-Day Sit-in, Shaheen Bagh Protest Cleared Due to Coronavirus Lockdown | The Wire

“Amid nationwide lockdown over highly contagious novel coronavirus or COVID-19, Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh – heart of protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA – was cleared this morning after 101 days.”

Read More at: Delhi Under Lockdown, Shaheen Bagh Protest Site Cleared | NDTV

“Six persons, including women, have been detained over unlawful assembly”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh protest site cleared by Delhi Police | The Hindu

“The Area around the ghantaghar (Clock Tower) was sanitised on Monday after women who were staging an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) demonstration here called off their protest temporarily earlier today.”

Read More at: Lucknow’s Ghantaghar sanitised after anti-CAA protest suspended over coronavirus | IndiaToday

“Some women protestors in Lucknow left their ‘dupattas’ as a symbolic gesture to note that the protest had not ended.”

Read More at: Coronavirus: Protestors in ‘Mumbai Bagh’ and Lucknow temporarily call off anti-CAA protest | Scroll

“Protesters at Ghanta Ghar in the state capital have left their belongings behind, and will be back at the protest site as soon as the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic ends.”

Read More at: Lucknow: Amid Lockdown, a Symbolic Protest Persists at Ghanta Ghar | NewsClick

“Women protesting at Lucknow’s Clock Tower have temporarily called off their anti-CAA agitation as a precautionary measure against novel coronavirus outbreak.”

Read More at: Lucknow: Anti-CAA protesters vacate Clock Tower amid coronavirus outbreak | IndiaToday

“The sit-in protest on Morland Road here that had been going on for over 50 days against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR) has been temporarily called off in the wake of COVID-19.”

Read More at: Coronavirus in India: Anti-CAA protest in Mumbai suspended | IndiaToday

“An unidentified man allegedly hurled a petrol bomb at two spots close to the protest site. Soon after the incident, a live bullet was fired at Jamia’s gate number 7. However, protesters say attacks will not deter them.”

Read More at: Amid Observation of Janata Curfew, Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Protest Sites Attacked | NewsClick

“Friends of Akhil Gogoi that had left him after bitter squabbles were, in fact, the ones most desperate to see him come out of jail and lead movements from the front.”

Read More at: The Travails and Scuffles That Marked Akhil Gogoi’s Rise in Politics | The Wire

“The Lucknow administration had on Tuesday issued “recovery certificates” and “demand notice” to the 13, whose cases come under the jurisdiction of the Hasanganj Police Station.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA stir: Recovery process halted after HC prod, says Lucknow admin | The Indian Express

“A petrol bomb was thrown this morning near a police barricade at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, heart of protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA. Later a biker was seen throwing a crude bomb near Jamia University, about five km away from the protest site.”

Read More at: Petrol Bomb Thrown At Shaheen Bagh Protest Site, No Injuries | NDTV

“Police said the blast took place around 9 a.m. after two unidentified persons on a bike threw a bottle filled with explosive substances”

Read More at: Two explosions reported near Shaheen Bagh protest site and Jamia Millia | The Hindu

“On Saturday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said all gatherings of more than five people in the national Capital were henceforth prohibited.”

Read More at: Coronavirus: Jamia Millia Islamia students temporarily suspend anti-CAA protest | Scroll

“Bike-borne assailants hurled a bottle filled with an unknown chemical at the Shaheen Bagh protest site in Delhi on Sunday morning.”

Read More at: Unidentified chemicals hurled at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protest site | IndiaToday

Hyderabad: Citizens against Hate (CAH), a Delhi-based NGO, released a report titled “Everyone has been silenced” which gives the most comprehensive and detailed account of the police brutalities in UP, the anatomy of the cover up, with damning evidence of political complicity. The report is based on extensive research and testimony from victim families. The report is prepared by a team human rights experts, defenders and lawyers.

Read More at: Detailed account of the police brutalities in UP: CAH report | The Siasat Daily

“‘There will not be any issue in restarting the agitation as feared by protesters’”

Read More at: Muslim outfits vow to come back stronger against citizenship law | The Hindu

“Ishrat Jahan and 5 others were arrested by Delhi Police, who claimed that a flag march headed by senior officers tried to clear the roads near the Khureji protest site but Jahan incited the crowd to pelt stones at the policemen.”

Read More at: Khureji Khas stir: Former Congress councillor gets bail | The Indian Express

“On Friday, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging that the NPR updation be postponed.”

Read More at: Explained: Why there’s a question mark over NPR exercise after Odisha says put it off | The Indian Express

“Those protesters who want to end the Shaheen Bagh dharna have called for a boycott of the people who want it to continue”

Read More at: Corona divide at Shaheen Bagh | Telegraph India

“The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) on Saturday called off the sit-in outside the Vice-Chancellor’s office, in view of the outbreak of COVID-19.DUTA president Rajib Ray said that the dec”

Read More at: COVID-19: DU teachers call off protest outside V-C’s office | The Hindu

Protesters sitting in batches of 5 people, others have left their footwear to mark the janata curfew. No injuries in petrol bomb incident.

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh marks janata curfew by holding ‘symbolic protest’, petrol bomb hurled at it | The Print

“‘Our fight against CAC, NPR will continue… focus now on combating Covid-19′”

Read More at: Jamia students call off sit-in for now | Telegraph India

“The announcement was made by the Jamia Coordination Committee, a group comprising JMI students and alumni.”

Read More at: Amid COVID-19 Fear, Jamia Students Temporarily Suspend CAA Protest | The Quint

“The Jamia protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) entered its 100th day on Saturday.”

Read More at: Coronavirus in India: Jamia temporarily calls off anti-CAA protest amid Covid-19 outbreak | IndiaToday

“The coronavirus pandemic is unlikley to end the stalemate between the government and the Shaheen Bagh protestors.”

Read More at: Can Coronavirus End the Shaheen Bagh Stalemate At last? | The Quint

“Ramakant Yadav, a former MP, said the coronavirus outbreak in India has “been manufactured by the Centre to divert people’s attention” from issues like CAA, NRC and inflation.”

Read More at: SP leader booked for saying Modi govt created coronavirus outbreak to divert attention from CAA | IndiaToday

“The organiser of an anti-CAA protest in Delhi has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, authorities confirmed on Thursday. The man was in close contact with his sister who had visited Saudi Arabia.”

Read More at: Organiser of anti-CAA protest in Delhi tests positive for coronavirus | IndiaToday

“To be able to understand each and every facet of the 1.2 billion people of India, the Modi government is in the last phase of making an auto-updating, searchable database.”

Read More at: ‘National Social Registry Can be a Tool of Surveillance’ | NewsClick

““The prime minister has asked people to remain inside their homes. What about those whose houses have been burnt and looted?” ask protesters”

Read More at: Some say will protest from balconies against NRC, NPR, CAA during Janata curfew | The Hindu

“The protesting women, mostly from the minority community, on Friday decided to pause their protest till April 5”

Read More at: Pause in the CAA protest in Kadru for greater good | Telegraph India

“Speculations are being raised if the months-long protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (Act) at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh will continue amid the scare over the novel coronavirus outbreak. ”

Read More at: Coronavirus pandemic: Is it time for Shaheen Bagh protesters to call-off anti-CAA stir? | IndiaToday

“Madurai Hundreds of people from the Muslim community on Friday took out a massive procession from Jinna Thidal in Mehaboobpalayam up to railway station and back before winding up their Shaheen Bagh-like protest.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters give up month-long agitation | The Hindu

“The Bengaluru-based centenarian freedom fighter is more amused than perturbed by the vicious attack that has been launched against him by the ruling party”

Read More at: I think it is time I launch my campaign: H.S. Doreswamy | The Hindu

As Mumbai Bagh protest continues amid coronavirus outbreak, organisers say they will take ‘utmost measures’.

Read More at: With Masks, Soap & Low Turnout, Mumbai Bagh Protest Continues | The Quint

“Senior human rights lawyer B.T. Venkatesh told The Wire that her statement had nowhere expressed “disaffection”, a pre-requisite to attract sedition.”

Read More at: Amulya Leona Has Now Spent a Month in Jail for Saying ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ | The Wire

It is only through free, unified and collective mobilisation that India can achieve lasting peace, justice and prosperity. Your country’s founding fathers understood this necessity. Their vision should remain at the heart of your future.

Read More at: Protecting India: Nation must stay with vision of founding fathers to fight threat to secular democracy | The Indian Express

“In Bengaluru, the women of Bilal Bagh will continue their protest against CAA, armed with sanitizer and masks.”

Read More at: Bilal Bagh Anti-CAA Protest Continues With Sanitizer, Masks  | The Quint

Delhi High Court directs the government to set up four additional relief camps in northeast Delhi to provide shelter and aid to victims of Delhi anti-Muslim violence. In the Writ…

Read More at: Delhi violence: HC directs Govt. to set up additional relief camps | Maktoob

“Two people were killed in the police firing during the December 19 protests against the CAA in the city after it turned violent.”

Read More at: Mangalore: Magisterial Probe Report for Police Firing Will Be Submitted by April 23 | The Wire

“”On Wednesday, hundreds of activists of the Manch blocked NH 28 near Bhagwanpur Chowk for hours and demanded administration to end the protest at Maripur,” said a member of the right-wing outfit.”

Read More at: Bihar: Hindu Jagran Manch Issues Warning to End Sit-in Protests Against CAA-NRC in Muzaffarpur | NewsClick

“Gogoi’s lawyer said that several cases have been filed against him and he still doesn’t have all the details.”

Read More at: CAA protests: Akhil Gogoi arrested again, two days after being granted bail | Scroll

New Delhi: Delhi Police and Delhi Wakf board official are trying to shut the relief camp, Thousands of Delhi riots victims living in Relief camps since 15

Read More at: Delhi Riots: Police & Wakf Board official to shut relief camps | The Siasat Daily

New Delhi Millat Fund Relief team of Siasat Urdu Daily during investigation came to know that miscreants shamelessly looted the shops of the Muslims.

Read More at: Millat Fund distributes aid to Delhi riot victims | The Siasat Daily

“Authorities mounted pressure on the city’s top cleric to persuade the anti-CAA protesters to ‘suspend’ their sit-in”

Read More at: Women at Aligarh’s Shah Jamal Idgah told to halt dharna | Telegraph India

“‘The CAA does not violate any fundamental right provisions of the constitution,’ it reiterated.”

Read More at: Centre Tells Supreme Court NRC Necessary, Contradicts Shah’s ‘No NRC’ Declaration | The Wire

“The told petitioner Ashutosh Dubey to approach the ‘mentioning officer’ for early listing”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh eviction plea in Supreme Court | Telegraph India

“Jamia has demanded a high-level probe into the police action, which left more than 100 students injured”

Read More at: Jamia cop query deflected | Telegraph India

“Tapestry of pathos in Assam, Meghalaya grapples with killings and curfew”

Read More at: Cruel month plays out in northeast | Telegraph India

“Cabinet sub-committee to look into clause pertaining to ‘date and place of parents’ birth’”

Read More at: State to study T.N., Bihar’s stand on ‘contentious’ NPR clause | The Hindu

““Considering all aspects of the case and keeping in view the seriousness of the crime”, there is no basis for granting bail, District and Sessions Judge Pramod Kumar Sharma ruled.”

Read More at: CAA protest: Azamgarh court rejects bail plea of 19 accused of sedition | The Indian Express

“Dibrugarh University PGSU condemned and questioned the role of NIA in summoning Chetry”

Read More at: Summons in Akhil Gogoi case | Telegraph India

According to a new dossier by Indian security agencies, Pakistan based twitter handles pushed fake posts to spark discontent during the Delhi riots.WION’s Palki Sharma tells you more.

Read More at: Gravitas: Pakistan’s role in fueling Delhi riots, India News | wionews

Over 1,500 people, most of them women and children, have been living in a squalid temporary relief camp in New Delhi since last month’s violence when the Indian capital witnessed its worst sectarian violence in decades.

Read More at: Inside Delhi′s relief camp: No going back after deadly riots | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW

The move came in response to a petition by a man who wanted to ascertain if a charred body of a youth was that of his missing son.

Read More at: Delhi Riots: HC Pulls up Forensic Science Lab, Govt Over Delay in DNA Testing | The Wire

For instance, the case plot in 5 FIRs filed at Dayalpur Police Station under the Arms Act, 1959, is the same. The only differences are names of the complainant and the place where the police claimed they spotted the accused.

Read More at: Delhi Violence: Police Books People Using Same Narrative, Different FIRs | NewsClick

Media from world over has been looking at Shaheen Bagh with amazement. There are few movements in the world, which have remained so peaceful despite the worst kind of physical and mental suffering.

Read More at: Significance of Shaheen Bagh: From Event to Symbol | NewsClick

“Police digging up old cases, say aides”

Read More at: Akhil Gogoi rearrested 48 hours after bail | The Hindu

“The Lucknow administration on Tuesday issued “recovery certificates” and “demand notice” to the 13, whose cases come under the jurisdiction of the Hasanganj Police Station.”

Read More at: UP hoardings: 13 get notice to pay more, or face jail | The Indian Express

“The Allahabad High Court recently directed removal of ‘name and shame’ hoardings of those arrested in protests against CAA”

Read More at: Lucknow banners: Allahabad HC grants govt time till April 10 to file report | The Hindu

“The average comes to Rs 13,476 per head among the six”

Read More at: Uttar Pradesh accused begin paying damages | Telegraph India

“A leader of a Right-wing fringe group allegedly even ‘staged’ an attack and injured himself to create tension in Tiruppur district.”

Read More at: Pro-CAA Programmes in Tamil Nadu: Platform for Provocation and Hate | NewsClick

“TNTJ cadre take to the streets across the State, but give up ‘fill the jails’ initiative”

Read More at: Coronavirus | Thousands defy health advisory, stage anti-CAA protest across Tamil Nadu | The Hindu

“The 13 who got recovery certificates and demand notice Tuesday have been told to pay Rs 21.67 lakh.”

Read More at: UP anti-CAA protest: 13 get fresh notice to pay for damage | The Indian Express

“Shaheen is the venue of the longest women-led vigil against the new citizenship regime”

Read More at: Child rights panel seeks Shaheen Bagh action | Telegraph India

“The number of protesters has dropped tremendously in Bhiwandi, but in Mumbra, women from the district are still seen in high numbers to condemn the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR).”

Read More at: Anti-CAA, NRC protest limited to 4 hours a day in Bhiwandi | The Indian Express

“Student exit order over CAA rally set aside”

Read More at: Paranoid overreaction: Calcutta High Court | Telegraph India

“Akhil was being arrested repeatedly in ‘fake’, ‘politically motivated’ and ‘self-made’ cases”

Read More at: Akhil Gogoi rearrest bid ‘vindictive’ | Telegraph India

“Members of Tamil Nadu Towheed Jamaath staged “fill the jails” protest here at Anna statue near the new bus stand demanding that the State government a pass resolution against the Citizenship Amendment”

Read More at: Protests staged against CAA in districts | The Hindu

The Centre filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court against petitions which have challenged the constitutional validity of Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA.

Read More at: Centre rebuts challenge to CAA, says NRC necessary for every country – india news | Hindustan Times

“Jail bharo agitation at several places in Tiruchi and Thanjavur”

Read More at: Agitation in protest against CAA, NPR, NRC | The Hindu

“The Allahabad High Court on Wednesday directed the Uttar Pradesh government to file its response to a petition challenging the constitutional validity of the recently promulgated Uttar Pradesh Recovery of Damages to Public and Private Properties Act.”

Read More at: Court Asks UP To Respond To Plea Challenging New Law Against CAA Protests | NDTV

“A memorandum urging the state government to pass a similar resolution was then sent to Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik.”

Read More at: 402 Gram Sabhas in 15 Odisha Districts Pass Resolutions Condemning CAA, NPR | The Wire

“The NCPCR said it received a complaint about a huge number of people being present at the protest site despite repeated advisories issued by the government.”

Read More at: Coronavirus: Child rights body seeks report on Shaheen Bagh protest amid ban on large gatherings | Scroll

Shaheen Bagh protestors have been demonstrating against CAA, NRC since December and despite police asking them to evacuate in view of coronavirus crisis, they have refused.

Read More at: This is how Shaheen Bagh plans to continue its anti-CAA protest despite coronavirus scare | The Print

“The police have booked him under IPC sections for rioting, assault on police, arson, unlawful assembly and vandalism. Sections of the Arms Act are also invoked against him.”

Read More at: Delhi: For over 20 days, two riot-hit families await return of their sons from jail | The Indian Express

“In a letter to Faiz Ahmad Faiz, a psychotherapist explores her relationship with his poetry.”

Read More at: If Asked to ‘Counsel’ Those Who Read ‘Hum Dekhenge’, What Will I Say? | The Wire

“Defying government advisories to avoid large gatherings as precaution against coronavirus, more than 5,000 people took to the streets in Chennai today in protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA, delivering a frightening scenario of the virus infecting people at an exponential rate.”

Read More at: Over 5,000 In Chennai Defy Coronavirus Advisory, Gather For CAA Protest | NDTV

“The Centre was not to give effect to the notice served on Kamil Siedczynski, who studies at the Jadavpur University.”

Read More at: Calcutta HC Sets Aside ‘Leave India’ Notice to Polish Student Who Attended CAA Rally | The Wire

“The posters were displayed to “name and shame” those who allegedly damaged public property during anti-CAA protests.”

Read More at: UP Govt CAA Posters: HC Pushes Order Compliance Date to 10 April | The Quint

“The NCPCR wrote to the District Magistrate of South East Delhi to submit a report regarding the assembly of people at the Shaheen Bagh protest site amidst the coronavirus outbreak.”

Read More at: Dissent in times of coronavirus: NCPCR seeks report on Shaheen Bagh protest | The Hindu

“The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights on Wednesday wrote to the District Magistrate of South East Delhi to submit a report regarding the assembly of people in Shaheen Bagh protest site amidst the coronavirus outbreak.”

Read More at: Child Rights Body Seeks Report On Shaheen Bagh Protest Amid Coronavirus | NDTV

Hyderabad: Syed Saleem Raza, Chairman Raza e Ilahi foundation donated RS 50,000 to the Delhi Riot victims. He met Mr Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu

Read More at: Syed Saleem Raza donates Rs 50000 for Delhi Riot victims | The Siasat Daily

“Over 5,000 protestors demanded the withdrawal of CAA, NPR and NRC”

Read More at: TNTJ members launch jail bharao agitation against CAA, NRC | The Hindu

On the Jamia violence on December 15 last year, the police told a Delhi Court that it was “difficult to distinguish between trapped students and rioters”.

Read More at: ‘Difficult to distinguish between trapped students, rioters’: Delhi Police to court on Jamia incident | The Statesman

The Modi government’s decision to nominate Ranjan Gogoi to the Rajya Sabha is a scandal because as CJI, he presided over – or allocated to benches that he chose – key political cases in which the government was a party.

Read More at: ‘A Matter of Great Public Importance Touching Upon the Independence of the Judiciary’ | The Wire

Although the campaign page doesn’t mention any community, tweets, hashtags and a video of Kapil Mishra urging people to contribute clearly mention ‘Hindu victims’.

Read More at: BJP leader Kapil Mishra runs crowdfunding campaign for Hindu victims of Delhi riots | The Print

“Amid coronavirus fears, at least 3,000 people took to the streets in Chennai to protest CAA and NRC.”

Read More at: Amid Corona Fears, Thousands Protest Against CAA in Chennai | The Quint

“They are among the 57 people who photos, names and addresses have been displayed on billboards across the city.”

Read More at: Lucknow: 13 Get Notices to Pay More for Damages During CAA Protest or Face Time in Jail | The Wire

“The comment was made in reference to the chief minister supporting lathi charge on anti-CAA protesters.”

Read More at: Kanpur Lawyer Charged With Sedition for Calling Adityanath ‘Terrorist’ on Twitter | The Wire

“Protesting women in Chennai’s Shaheen Bagh temporarily called off their anti-CAA agitation as a precautionary measure against novel coronavirus outbreak.”

Read More at: Chennai’s Shaheen Bagh temporarily calls off anti-CAA protest over coronavirus fears | India Today

“The police sought 10-day remand for the three on the ground that custody was required to unearth the conspiracy.”

Read More at: CAA Stir: Court Extends Police Custody of Couple ‘Linked to ISIS’ | The Quint

“On Monday night, Shaheen Bagh protesters said they will continue the protest and are in touch with medical and legal experts.”

Read More at: Police intervention fails at Shaheen Bagh, protesters continue to gather | The Indian Express

“The Centre told the Supreme Court Tuesday, adding the legislation was “not meant to be an omnibus solution to issues across the world”.”

Read More at: Religious persecution, not religion, basis for CAA: Govt tells Supreme Court | The Indian Express

“‘All precautions are being followed, we have made sanitisation mandatory … will not leave’”

Read More at: COVID-19: Better to die here than in detention centres, say Mumbai Bagh protesters | The Hindu

“The Dehradun district administration has barred gatherings of more than 50 people to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The 150 have been booked under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, among others.”

Read More at: Dehradun: 150 booked for assembling to protest amid Covid-19 prohibitory orders | The Indian Express

“Around 100 women were seen staging a sit-in around 4pm”

Read More at: Kadru protest to continue despite coronavirus threat | Telegraph India

On February 24 and 25, Northeast Delhi, including Karawal Nagar, was under the grip of communal riots that left 53 dead and over 300 injured.

Read More at: Delhi riots: For family of BJP man, an endless wait | The Indian Express

“The Assam government is yet to submit the report to the Centre”

Read More at: Reveal details of Clause 6: AASU | Telegraph India

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman/ Purnendu Pritam

Once a kar sevak who wanted to demolish Babri Masjid, Bhanwar Meghwanshi eventually quit Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) after a few senior functionaries of the Hindutva outfit refused to eat food at his house.

Author and activist Meghwanshi chronicles his time in the RSS, from 1987 to 1991, in his book Main Ek Karsevak Tha which was first published in Hindi in 2019 and later translated to English by Nivedita Menon as I Could Not Be Hindu and published in January this year.

Read More at: Why a Dalit Kar Sevak Who Wanted to Demolish Babri Masjid Quit RSS | The Quint

Bhanwar Meghwanshi, a Dalit activist who spent around four years in the RSS, on caste discrimination and systemic glorification of violence in the organisation.

Read More at: We were told non-violence is cowardly: Bhanwar Meghwanshi, a Dalit activist who quit the RSS | Caravan Magazine

“The NIA has not been able to file a chargesheet against Gogoi, 90 days since he was arrested.”

Read More at: Akhil Gogoi to Remain Jailed Even After NIA Court Grants Him Bail | The Wire

In the riot-affected area, many have lost their earnings, belongings and homes but they still call themselves lucky because they didn’t lose their lives.

Read More at: ‘My House Was the First to Be Set on Fire’: Stories of Suffering From Shiv Vihar | The Wire

“A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Allahabad High Court seeking suspension of or a stay against an ordinance brought by the Yogi Adityanath government for recovering damages to public and private property during protests such as those incidents witnessed during anti-CAA protests in the state.”

Read More at: UP Government’s New Law Against CAA Protesters Challenged In Court | NDTV

“An account of the young student’s views on the NRC, CAA and the movement against these official policies, as told to his brother.”

Read More at: In Prison for ‘Sedition’, Sharjeel Imam Explains His Idea of India | The Wire

“About 1,000 women lawyers, academics and organisations have sent letters to all chief ministers, ahead of the updation process likely to begin on April 1.”

Read More at: Women Write to CMs, Seek Delinking of NPR from Census 2021 | NewsClick

“Perhaps it is time Shaheen Bagh realises that to take a step back to be able to move forward at such a time. It requires courage to withdraw a popular movement.”

Read More at:  Calling the Protest Off Will Not Dent Shaheen Bagh or Its Legacy | The Wire

“”Even after Allahabad High Court’s order to remove the ‘name and shame’ hoardings, the Yogi government put up new a hoarding at Parivartan Chowk recently,” claimed activist Sadaf Jafar, whose name and picture had been displayed in the hoardings by UP government.”

Read More at: UP Anti-CAA Hoardings: Govt Misses Deadline for Compliance Report, Seeks More Time from HC | NewsClick

“Shaheen Bagh volunteers said that it was decided that the protesters will comply with the CM’s order and will limit the number of people at the sit-in to less than 50.”

Read More at: Coronavirus: Delhi Police appeals Shaheen Bagh protesters to call off anti-CAA stir  | The Indian Express

“”We feel the coronavirus is not so dangerous than these three viruses,” said one protester at Bilal Bagh, referring to the CAA, the NPR and the NRC.”

Read More at: Bilal Bagh protesters not deterred by Covid-19, say CAA-NPR-NRC more dangerous | India Today

“Gogoi was arrested by the agency in December for his alleged role in the protests in Assam against the Citizenship Amendment Act.”

Read More at: Citizenship Act protests: Assam activist Akhil Gogoi granted bail by NIA court | Scroll

“The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is “perfectly legal and constitutional”, the government today told the Supreme Court, asserting that the citizenship law was a matter concerning the sovereign power of parliament and “could not be questioned” before the court.”

Read More at: CAA “Legal, Can’t Be Questioned Before Court”: Centre To Supreme Court  | NDTV

“The government of Indonesia has taken measures under the Vienna Convention to protect the premises from damage or impairment of dignity of the embassy of India or its consulate.”

Read More at: India raises concerns with Indonesia over protests outside embassy in Jakarta, Medan consulate | India Today

“The government’s response comes amid anti-CAA protests across the country over the last few months.”

Read More at: Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights: Centre’s Response in SC on CAA | The Quint

The plea said that the police be directed to preserve the CCTV footage of the riot affected areas from February 23 to March 1 and should not remove debris without collecting evidence from the site.

Read More at: Delhi riots: HC seeks authorities’ response over plea to preserve CCTV footage – delhi news | Hindustan Times

The dossier cites detailed investigations conducted by Indian agencies to add that these handles were created at the behest of the Pakistani deep state with the purpose of creating major communal disturbance in India.

Read More at: Pakistan used Twitter handles to fan discontent during Delhi riots: Dossier – india news | Hindustan Times

“In light of coronavirus pandemic, what lies ahead for Shaheen Bagh and other anti-CAA sit-in protests across India? ”

Read More at: Future of Shaheen Bagh, Anti-CAA Protests in the Time of COVID-19 | The Quint

“A memorandum has been sent to the Odisha CM and respective District Collectors of 15 districts”

Read More at: Gram sabhas in 15 Odisha districts pass resolutions against NPR, NRC, CAA | The Hindu

“Crafty obfuscation can never trump constitutional morality.”

Read More at: Why Harish Salve’s Defence of the CAA Is Wrong in Law | The Wire

“Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters, who have been staging a sit-in agitation at the Uzhavar Sandhai grounds in the city over the past 29 days, marched to the Collectorate on Monday to submit …”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters petition Collector in Tiruchi | The Hindu

“In an action taken report, the police claimed a mob strategically went inside the campus and used the university premises as a cover.”

Read More at: Jamia violence: Forced to enter university to rescue innocent students, say Delhi Police | Scroll

“Suraj also demanded ST status for the Tai Ahom community of the state”

Read More at: Tai Ahom protest against Act | Telegraph India

“The plea said the CAA be declared “ultra vires” to the provisions of the Constitution of India.”

Read More at: After Kerala, Rajasthan Govt Moves SC Challenging Validity of CAA | The Quint

“Altogether, the 11 states and two Union Territories represent about 53% of the country’s population, according to the 2011 Census”

Read More at: More than half of India against NPR | Telegraph India

“A section of protesters wants to comply with the government ban, many say they will sit in groups of fewer than 50”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh protesters mull options after ‘50’ ceiling | Telegraph India

“A visible thinning of the crowds at Shaheen Bagh has been seen in the last few days, but the sit-in continues.”

Read More at: Despite alert, Shaheen Bagh sit-in continues | The Indian Express

On Wednesday, 11 March, the Parliament of India discussed the communal violence which shook several parts of northeast Delhi in February. While politicians across party lines raised concerns about the law and order situation in the national capital, BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi in her speech claimed that in Karawal Nagar’s Shiv Vihar area only the houses belonging to the majority community were burnt down and vandalised while those belonging to the minority community remained untouched.

Read More at: Fact Check of BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi’s Lok Sabha Speech: Lekhi Falsely Claims Majority Community Targeted in Shiv Vihar | The Quint

Ansari claimed that a ‘very dangerous’ process was underway in India, and the principles of the Preamble were being ‘thrown out’.

Read More at: Former Vice President Hamid Ansari says principles of the Preamble are being ‘thrown out’ | Scroll

Zeenia Parveen A leading name against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR), and National Register of Citizens (NRC) protests, Khalid Saifi’s arrest has been central to the reckless…

Read More at: Law is lockup for Muslim leaders | Maktoob

Muslim youth are reportedly being picked up by the police with no clarity about where they are being taken or how long they will be in custody, allege many local residents.

Read More at: Delhi Violence: Arrests Continue, Locals Say Muslim Youth Being ‘Arbitrarily Targeted’ | NewsClick

“The Park Circus demonstration completed 70 days on Monday”

Read More at: Park Circus protest vows to carry on | Telegraph India

“Unperturbed by BJP MLAs calling him a Pak agent, the centenarian said that he would never stop correcting the govt”

Read More at: ‘Amazed by CAA Protests’: 102-Year-Old Freedom Fighter Doreswamy | The Quint

“In the affidavit, the state government also referred to the Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed against the Allahabad High Court in the Supreme Court.”

Read More at: Hoardings in Lucknow: UP Govt moves Allahabad HC, seeks more time to file compliance report | The Indian Express

“Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan has been considerably vocal against the implementation of the CAA and had demanded its withdrawal.”

Read More at: Rajasthan government challenges Citizenship Amendment Act in Supreme Court | India Today

“Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that any gathering — religious, family, social, political or cultural — of over 50 people would not be allowed in Delhi till March 31 as a precautionary measure to contain the deadly Covid-19.”

Read More at: Coronavirus: Hundreds protest at Shaheen Bagh defying govt ban on mass gatherings | India Today

“After all, persecution is not mentioned in the law, but only in the statement of objects and purpose of bill”

Read More at: CAA banking on big numbers | Telegraph India

“Calls them concerted efforts to tinker with the inclusive, and non-religious nature of citizenship”

Read More at: TS Assembly passes resolution against CAA, NPR, and NRC | The Hindu

“Uttar Pradesh has got back its lost prestige in the past three years of the BJP rule, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath claimed on Monday.”

Read More at: UP Got Back Lost Prestige Under BJP Rule: Yogi Adityanath | NDTV

“Allahabad High Court had ordered removal of ‘name and shame’ posters”

Read More at: U.P. government seeks more time to file compliance report | The Hindu

“‘Public reaction to Indian events posing issue for Jakarta’”

Read More at: Indonesia again flags concerns over CAA, Delhi riots | The Hindu

The Uttar Pradesh Police arrested an accused of Delhi riot from Rampur. Police officials told that he was arrested along with his group in a robbery case. Over 50 people lost their lives during the deadly Delhi riots. The violence broke out (on February 23, which continued for three days) between Citizenship (Amendment) Act supporters and the people who were against it. On March 11, the Home Minister Amit Shah had informed in Lok Sabha that around 300 people came from Uttar Pradesh to carry out the violence.

Read More at: UP Police arrest Delhi riot accused in Rampur | City | Times of India Videos

“From allowing ex parte hearings, to legitimising name and shame hoardings, here’s what the UP ordinance says.”

Read More at: What Is Yogi Govt’s Property Damage Ordinance for and Is it Legal? | The Quint

“TIRUVARUR: A section of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters in Tiruvarur district resorted to the withdrawal of funds from their bank accounts on Monday.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters intensify deposit withdrawal agitation | The Hindu

“In Malerkotla, the indefinite dharna going on since January 7 has been converted to a weekend dharna, but no change has been announced in Mansa.”

Read More at: Coronavirus scare: Mega protest postponed, but anti-CAA dharnas to continue with smaller numbers | The Indian Express

Jul 29, 2019: “Foreigners Tribunals” in the state of Assam are deeply biased against Bengalis and Muslims, a VICE News investigation has found.

ASSAM, India — Dilip Biswas had lived in the small northeastern state of Assam for 40 years, growing rice on his land and cooking lunch at a local restaurant, when one day in 2009 the police came knocking on his door. Despite being an ethnic Bengali, a targeted minority in the state, Biswas had never doubted his Indianness. But suddenly he was told to prove it, leave the country forever, or go to jail.

Read More at: “Worse Than a Death Sentence”: Inside India’s Sham Trials That Could Strip Millions of Citizenship | VICE News

“Rajasthan became the second state after Kerala to move the top court invoking Article 131 of the Constitution under which a state is empowered to directly move the top court in case of a dispute with the Centre.”

Read More at: Rajasthan government moves SC challenging validity of CAA | The Indian Express

Firozabad district in Uttar Pradesh is among the regions which accounted for the highest number of deaths during the recent protests against CAA, NRC​. Of the 24 deaths in the state, seven were reported from this district

Read More at: Firozabad, which recorded one of the highest death figures during anti-CAA protests, reports tales of pain and police excess | Firstpost

THANJAVUR: The Forum for Unity among Tamil Nadu People would organise a 24-hour sit-in dharna in Tamil Nadu in support of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters.

Read More at: State-wide agitation planned | The Hindu

The police report said that action was taken ‘to rescue innocent students trapped inside and to ensure normalcy’.

Read More at: Delhi Police ATR: Forced to Enter JMI to Save ‘Innocent Students’ | The Quint

The opposition to implementing the NPR in its 2020 format is increasing quickly. Two NDA-led states are also in the list of those against the exercise.

Read More at: As Delhi joins the list, 12 Indian states & UTs now stand in opposition to NPR | The Print

Standing amidst the ruins of her three-storey house in Shiv Vihar, a young girl stood next to her father, inspecting what could be salvaged from what was left of their home.

Read More at: ‘I still can’t believe he told my address to the mob.’ | Maktoob

“We don’t want to feel unsafe like we did last month. The violence and destruction was horrifying. We will put up gates at the end of the lane to guard ourselves against future riots or clashes,” said a resident of Brijpuri’s Block-A.

Read More at: 2 weeks on, some NE Delhi residents install large iron gates to feel safer | The Indian Express

“The Adityanath government promulgated the ordinance a day before the high court’s deadline to remove the ‘name and shame’ posters.”

Read More at: UP’s Property Damage Ordinance Gives Tribunals Sweeping Powers, Rulings Can’t Be Appealed | The Wire

“To survive, India’s democracy needs a much stronger judiciary, allied with regional resistance to the Centre’s designs.”

Read More at: Uttar Pradesh Leads in State-Led Destruction of Rule of Law | NewsClick

“Govt to invoke Epidemic Act to clear gatherings of 50 or more”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh spurns Delhi ban orders | Telegraph India

“Bhuyan, who is contesting as an independent, has been supported by both the Congress and the All India United Democratic Front as their joint candidate.”

Read More at: Former Prag News Editor, CAA Opponent Ajit Bhuyan Files Rajya Sabha Nomination | The Wire

“Police accuse Pinjra Tod of instigating protesters to block the road near Jafrabad Metro Station on 22 February”

Read More at: Delhi Violence: Students’ Group Pinjra Tod Under the Scanner | The Quint

Nothing about the riots that unfolded in Delhi, the police repression of the student protestors in Jamia Millia Islamia or the mob lynchings of Muslims, is spontaneous.

Read More at: Behind Delhi riots lies politically-designed, socially-embedded trajectory of Discipline-Hate-Punishment | The Indian Express

The committee also found the role of five teachers and six students who participated in the protest to be ‘less than desirable’

Read More at: CAA: IIT-Kanpur says recitation of Faiz’s poem ‘Hum Dekhenge’ during protest was ‘unsuitable’ | Scroll

“The ongoing anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protests in the State were spontaneous and not instigated, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) state president Nellai Mubarak claimed on Sunday”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protests are spontaneous, says SDPI state president Nellai Mubarak | The Hindu

The “gang” has been accused of firing at the police with an “intention to kill”

Read More at: 28 Booked Under Gangster Act For Violence at Lucknow CAA Protest | The Quint

As coronavirus spreads and 12 states reject NPR and NRC, Shaheen Bagh’s women must count their gains, cut their losses and leave.

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh must end. Its returns are diminishing & COVID-19 is a risk | The Print

“His statement is significant when many in the state have been demanding the ILP to get rid of CAA’s ‘ill-effects’”

Read More at: Prafulla Kumar Mahanta against ILP in Assam | Telegraph India

‘BJP has committed a crime by destroying the secular structure of the democracy’

Read More at: Anti-CAA sit-in at Kamrup | Telegraph India

“Different strokes for protesters, shooter”

Read More at: Virus excuse allegation against Yogi govt | Telegraph India

“Thirteen people have been told to pay Rs 21.67 lakh, their names & photos plastered across Lucknow for anti-CAA protest.”

Read More at: CAA damages recovery deadline ends today: ‘We are scared… It’s like govt taking revenge’ | The Indian Express

“Allahabad HC was right to condemn naming and shaming of protesters. By not upholding it, apex court disappoints.”

Read More at: Sorry picture | The Indian Express

“Anti-CAA sit-in continues for 31st day”

Read More at: Protesters to take necessary precautions | The Hindu

“‘The British had divided India on religious lines. Modi and Shah are out to do the same’”

Read More at: Colours of protest on canvas in Park circus Maidan | Telegraph India

While citizens and students are trying to make the process of seeking compensation easier for victims, there seems to be a substantial failure on the part of state machinery to cooperate with the citizens.

Read More at: Watch: Inside a Relief Camp For Riot Survivors, ‘No Standard Guidelines’ For Compensation | The Wire

TDN World Desk: All desks have been cleared for setting up of 200 Additional Foreigners Tribunals (FTs) in all 33 districts across Assam. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has also approved the State

Read More at: Assam NRC: 200 additional Foreign Tribunals to be set up to hear appeals of declared foreigners | TDN World

Follow international news through our Observers’ amateur images and eyewitness testimony. All the content is verified and explained by our journalists.

Read More at: Who are India’s RSS, the Hindu nationalists accused of inciting violence towards Muslims? | France24

“Claims Tribunals to decide compensation, awards declared final by Ordinance”

Read More at: New law in U.P. to recover costs for damaging property | The Hindu

“Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray told the delegation that a sub-committee of the Cabinet has been set up to submit its report on the CAA, NPR and the NRC.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA march put off after Maharashtra CM assures govt studying CAA-NRC-NPR | India Today

“This past week witnessed an escalation in tension after a Hindu Munnani office bearer was attacked by unknown persons following which petrol bombs were hurled at a mosque.”

Read More at: Hindu Munnani Leader Threatens Anti- CAA Protesters, Coimbatore Protest Called off Amid Increasing Tension | NewsClick

“The poster list the alleged criminal offences UP chief minister Adityanath and deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya.”

Read More at: Congress Workers Arrested for Putting Up ‘Anti-Adityanath’ Posters in Uttar Pradesh | The Wire

“Sixty students including 50 unnamed persons have been booked by police at the Civil Lines police station.”

Read More at: Protesters Blocked from Marching at AMU against Youth’s Death | The Quint

“Protesters at Shaheen Bagh are mulling over the pros and cons of suspending their sit-in until the pandemic blows over.”

Read More at: Should Anti-CAA Protests be Suspended Due to Coronavirus Threat? | NewsClick

“The Supreme Court on Thursday had turned down the UP government’s petition challenging an Allahabad High Court order to remove the hoardings.”

Read More at: Lucknow: Messages of support crop up on posters of anti-CAA protesters | The Indian Express

“Speakers include social activist Teesta Setalvad, Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi and Tripura leader Kriti Pradyout Deb Barman”

Read More at: Morcha seminar with NRC ‘victims’ | Telegraph India

“The headline on the banners read: Janata mange jawab, in dangaiyon se wasuli kab”

Read More at: Banner home-truths for Yogi Adityanath and friends | Telegraph India

If you live in segregated neighbourhoods, it is easy to demonise the ‘other’ — which often happens to Muslims in India.

Read More at: Why Lucknow, Jaipur don’t see communal riots but Delhi and Ahmedabad do | The Print

More than two weeks after the body of 26-year-old Ankit Sharma, an Intelligence Bureau personnel, was found during the Northeast Delhi violence, a postmortem report dismisses claims that Sharma was “stabbed over 400 times”.

Read More at: Fact Check: IB Officer Ankit Sharma ‘Stabbed 400 Times’? Forensic Expert Denies Reports | The Quint

Let’s call a spade a spade – Sudhir Chaudhary’s Jihad segment was a blatant, naked, proud, display of Islamophobia. As pathetic and baseless as the whole idea was, what makes it unforgivable is this – this can drive people into violence, if people take his word as fact. Yet, he chose to spread hate speech as factual information anyway.

Read More at: ZEE News Anchor Sudhir Chaudhary on Jehad: Sudhir, And The Case Of The Hate Mongers In Media’s Clothing | The Quint

Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad — one of the most prominent faces of countrywide protests against the citizenship law — today launched his political group, which he called the “Azad Samaj Party”. The launch took place on the birth anniversary of BSP founder and Dalit icon Kanshi Ram. The Bhim Army, Mr Azad said, will run parallel to the party and continue to fight for Dalit rights and enrol new members.

Read More at: Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad Launches Political Group | NDTV

After maintaining silence for long on the Central government and Delhi police questionable roles in the Delhi pogrom, Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke up on the issue in the parliament on 11 March. In his long speech, he tried to answer the questions raised by the opposition leaders around his failure to contain the …

Read More at: Amit Shah’s Response On Delhi Pogrom In Parliament Was A Whitewash of Govt’s Complicity | The Companion

At camps in Chaman Park and Mustafabad, lawyers, law students, volunteers have been helping violence victims fill up compensation forms, follow their status and file police complaints.

Read More at: For Delhi Riot Victims, Legal Camps Offer Lone Hope for Justice | The Wire

The reactions from my community in the aftermath of Delhi violence have dismayed me.

Read More at: To all Kashmiri Hindus, where is the empathy you taught me? | Scroll

Shah delivered a half-truth in Parliament. Once an NPR is ready, an NRC can be created from it any time the Modi government wants.

Read More at: ‘No one will be marked doubtful’: Did Amit Shah just scrap plans for an NRC? Not really | Scroll

“Gehlot govt. must stop its process scheduled to begin next month, they say”

Read More at: Rajasthan anti-CAA protesters seek clarification from Cong. on NPR | The Hindu

“In the past two weeks, speeches of several civil society activists have been pulled out of context by the ruling party’s IT Cell, circulated across social media to create a campaign against those questioning the government”

Selective Targeting Reminder of Nazi Germany’

Activists are highlighting the pattern of selective targeting by the BJP’s IT Cell saying that while the pattern is not new, it is alarming to see the extent of false narratives being spread. Speaking to NewsClick, activist Teesta Setalvad said: “The speech twisting spree reminds me of the regime version of the Brownshirts and SS seen during the Third Reich with obvious differences like social media orchestration and trolling. There is a broad list of those marked as their enemies. Each public action is tracked, manipulated and demonised. More recently, on invitation to Shaheen Bagh and my speeches in CAA-NPR-NRC have been twisted out of context. It’s an all-out war against a proto-fascist majoritarian state.”

Read More at: ‘BJP on Speech Twisting Spree’, Say Activists After Umar Khalid, Harsh Mander Are Targeted | NewsClick

“The Congress posters came up across Lucknow, a day after a SP leader put up a hoarding naming and shaming rape accused Chinmayanand and Sengar.”

Read More at: Congress Joins Poster War in UP, Lists Criminal Cases Against BJP Leaders, Including Adityanath | NewsClick

““What we are witnessing is a concerted misinformation campaign that criminalises the protestors, spins conspiracy theories and targets all those who supported the protests,” said the statement released on March 14.”

Read More at: Women’s Groups Demand Action Against Those Conducting Hate Campaigns | NewsClick

The Delhi Legislative Assembly on Friday passed a resolution against the implementation of NRC and NPR in the national capital.

Read More at: Delhi Legislative Assembly Passes Resolution Against NRC & NPR | LiveLaw

The family members of a Kashmiri couple detained in New Delhi for their alleged links with the Islamic State, Tuesday said that the duo have been framed and the charges labeled against them are “fictitious and imaginary.”

Read More at: Charges are fictitious and imaginary: Family of Kashmiri couple ‘linked to ISIS’ | Maktoob

Appearing for Uttar Pradesh government in the Supreme Court, the Solicitor General of India placed quite a heavy reliance on a judgment of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom viz. in the matter of an application by JR38 for Judicial Review (Northern Ireland), (2015) UKSC 42, to justify the ‘Name and Shame’ banners erected by Uttar Pradesh administration.

Read More at: Why UK SC Judgment On ‘Operation Exposure’ Cannot Be Used To Justify UP Govt’s ‘Name & Shame’ Banners? | LiveLaw

“Born in the turbulent 80s, when theatre groups had hundreds of cases slapped against them, Chennai-based playwright-activist Pralayan’s troupe finds even more reason today for cultural expressions of dissent”

Read More at: Theatre will continue to be a powerful form of protest: Pralayan | The Hindu

Mohammed Sarfaraz, who builds Hindu temples for a living, worked with his Hindu neighbours to stop the communal violence.

Read More at: Delhi Riots: How A Muslim Temple Builder Tried To Save His Street From Rioters | HuffPost India

“Munawwar’s condition deteriorated on Friday evening and he succumbed to injuries shortly before midnight, the hospital official said”

Read More at: Security tightened in Aligarh as youth injured in anti-CAA protest dies | Telegraph India

“About 40 women have been making an ‘Azaadi Quilt’, with motifs and slogans in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu embroidered on it, through the efforts of a group called ‘Amplifying Mumbai Bagh’.”

Read More at: Women protesters make ‘Azaadi Quilt’ with slogans and motifs embroidered on scrap cloth | The Indian Express

“Explaining why India has been added to the list, CIVICUS has talked about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and how protests against it have been clamped down on.”

Read More at: Global Monitor Adds India to Watchlist for ‘Decline’ in Fundamental Freedoms | The Wire

In times when the Hindutva has emboldened and unleashed violent gruesome attacks on the people in the North east parts of Delhi, some soothing stories of support, and care from the neighbours are also emerging, from the field visits by SIO Delhi team. Below are two stories of such kind.  They shot me while chanting …

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“Several precautions are being taken at the site and awareness about symptoms of coronavirus and measures to avoid it are being spread.”

Read More at: Coronavirus crisis: Shaheen Bagh protest continues with prayers, precautions | India Today

“State Cabinet Minister Suresh Khanna said the decision had been taken in view of the Supreme Court’s observations on different petitions regarding damage to public property.”

Read More at: Hoarding shaming: As SC refers to larger bench, UP brings a law | The Indian Express

“Sambhal’s Additional District Magistrate (ADM) has directed 58 people to pay Rs 19.31 lakh in 15 days, while Gorakhpur city ADM held eight persons responsible, and directed them to deposit Rs 90,000 in a week.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protest: Sambhal admin tells 58 to pay Rs 19.31 lakh in 15 days for damage to properties | The Indian Express

“Sengar is serving life imprisonment in a rape case. A law student (23) has accused Chinmayanand of raping and sexually harassing her for over a year.”

Read More at: Lucknow: SP leader says hoardings with pictures of Chinmayanand, Sengar removed, police deny | The Indian Express

“UP cabinet clears ordinance to recover damages for property destruction and include the right of the govt to put up banners”

Read More at: Yogi’s priority: save shame banners | Telegraph India

“Posters of ex-BJP lawmakers put up”

Read More at: Yogi Adityanath banner boot on other foot | Telegraph India

“The women protesters condemned the loss of 53 lives in the Delhi riots. The women also demanded action against BJP leaders including Kapil Mishra and Anurag Thakur for their “inflammatory statements” before the riots.”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh protesters condemn northeast Delhi riots | The Indian Express

“Women demand answers from Centre on the violence in north-east Delhi”

Read More at: ‘Shaheen Bagh stir will go on till CAA is revoked’ | The Hindu

“The Uttar Pradesh recovery of damage to public and private property ordinance 2020 was cleared in the cabinet meeting chaired by UP CM Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow on Friday.”

Read More at: Yogi Adityanath government passes ordinance for recovery of damage to public, private properties in UP | India Today

Their campaign rallies arguably sharpened the polarisation in North East Delhi which ultimately flared up in last month’s communal violence.

Read More at: Why are Amit Shah and Adityanath not being blamed for the Delhi carnage? |  Newslaundry

“A Delhi court granted bail on Friday to members of the Popular Front of India (PFI), including its Delhi president and state secretary, who were arrested for their “involvement” in anti-CAA protests and the clashes in northeast Delhi.”

Read More at: 3 Popular Front Of India Members, Arrested Over Delhi Violence, Granted Bail | NDTV

“Madurai: Hundreds of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protesters who were agitating for the 29th consecutive day on Friday, released black balloons at Mahaboopalayam here, to express their disconten”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters release black balloons | The Hindu

“Kejriwal said he himself, along with most of the members of his family, had no birth certificate.”

Read More at: Delhi Assembly Passes Resolution Against NPR in Present Form | The Wire

“The Supreme Court had on Thursday told the government that there is “no law” which backs its action of putting up posters on roadsides with details of those accused of vandalism during anti-CAA protests in Lucknow.”

Read More at: After Hoarding, Adityanath Govt Passes Ordinance to Recover ‘Damage to Public Properties’ | The Wire

A photo of Mohammad Zubair being beaten by a Hindu mob became the defining image of riots in Delhi.

Read More at: Delhi riots: ‘No-one who saw the photo thought I would survive’ | BBC News

Lives and livelihoods have been turned upside down by targeted violence in one north east Delhi village – and only two people have so far been arrested.

Read More at: Break in India: How Muslims’ Businesses Built Over Years Were Destroyed in a Day | The Wire

“Independent media work is needed for greater clarity and greater credibility, especially since no prominent non-Muslims are presumed to be under investigation so far.”

Read More at: What Role Did the Media Play During the Delhi Riots? | The Wire

Amit Shah told the parliament, “United Against Hate – the name sounds so pious but look what they advocated. They said, ‘(Donald) Trump is about to come, we should block the streets’.”

Read More at: Selectively Quoting His Speech, BJP MPs Blame Umar Khalid for Delhi Riots | The Wire

“This past week witnessed an escalation in tension after a Hindu Munnani office bearer was attacked by unknown persons following which petrol bombs were hurled at a mosque.”

Read More at: Hindu Munnani Leader Threatens Anti- CAA Protesters, Coimbatore Protest Called off Amid Increasing Tension | NewsClick

Amit Shah told the parliament, “United Against Hate – the name sounds so pious but look what they advocated. They said, ‘(Donald) Trump is about to come, we should block the streets’.”

Read More at: Selectively Quoting His Speech, BJP MPs Blame Umar Khalid for Delhi Riots | The Wire

“Samajwadi Party leader I P Singh said, “When protesters have no privacy and even after the Supreme court and High Court judgements, the Yogi government is not removing the hoardings… At Lohiya intersection, I have put up posters of some criminals named by court… Daughters should be careful of them.””

Read More at: Chinmayanand, Sengar poster comes up next to anti-CAA protesters hoarding | The Indian Express

“Among the top civic space violations listed by Civicus are detention of human rights activists, use of excessive force and ‘harassment’.”

Read More at: India added to civic rights monitor’s watchlist for decline in space for dissent | Scroll

“Several of these protests are ongoing for 60-75 days, including Shanti Bagh in Gaya; Sabzi Bagh, Harun Nagar, Lal Bagh in Patna; Maripur in Muzaffarpur; Lal Bagh in Darbhanga; Zam Zam Bagh in Purnea; three places in Kishanganj and one place in Araria district.”

Read More at: Bihar: Gandhian Protests Against CAA-NRC-NPR Ongoing at Over 90 Places | NewsClick

“The meeting will seek to clarify doubts and clear the air on fears among the minority communities with regard to the CAA, a letter from the Chief Secretary said”

Read More at: CAA: Chief Secretary invites Muslim organisations for talks | The Hindu

“The accused have been identified as PFI president Parvez and secretary Iliyas, Delhi Police said.”

Read More at: Two PFI Members Arrested for Role in North East Delhi Riots, Says Police | The Wire

“One of the cops snaps at me to say that our protests are destroying the nation. I say that we are supporting the nation and opposing the government.”

Read More at: The road to Bawana: Reflections on nationalism, juicy oranges and ‘reasonable’ police directions | Scroll

Shah offered to clear any other doubts over NPR to a small delegation of opposition leaders if they wish to visit him.

Read More at: NPR Not To Mark Any Citizen ‘Doubtful’; No Documents Need To Be Furnished: Amit Shah | BloombergQuint

“It is three months after the Act had been passed, but the government is yet to frame the rules.”

Read More at: Centre Struggles to Frame Rules of CAA? | NewsClick

“The recommendation of the high-level committee on the Assam Accord on the definition of “Assamese people” has caught the BJP governments at the Centre and in the State in a bind.”

Who can be considered an “Assamese” in the State of Assam who can enjoy constitutional, legislative and administrative safeguards under Clause 6 of the Assam Accord? A consensus on this has been elusive since the signing of the accord in 1985. It seems now that the Narendra Modi government, too, has developed cold feet on the recommendations in the report of a high-level committee which it constituted to find an answer to this question.

Read More at: Assam: Defining issue | The Hindu

“What’s the point of going back and remaining in constant fear of getting attacked again,” asked one victim of clashes that left 53 dead.

New Delhi — Imran Khan, a 30-year-old laborer, was walking home on February 24 after a hard day’s work when a mob in northeast Delhi intercepted him.

“They first asked my name to find out if I was a Hindu or a Muslim,” he told CBS News. As soon as he said his name, which is common among south Asian Muslims, he says they started hitting him with sticks and iron rods.

Read More at: Delhi riots forced thousands of Muslims from their homes, and they’re afraid to go back | CBS News

“The AAP MP also asked why the Home Minister hadn’t visited the riot-affected areas till date. “It has been around 20 days since riots broke out. The Home Minister, who lives in Delhi, hasn’t visited the affected areas. What are they afraid of?” he asked.”

Read More at: Amit Shah misleading people on riots: AAP’s Sanjay Singh | The Indian Express

More evidence has emerged that the Indian police took part in violence against Muslims or stood aside during fighting in the capital last month.

Read More at: How Delhi’s Police Turned Against Muslims – The New York Times

“Starting February 24, violence spread rapidly across northeast Delhi, leading to 53 deaths across the next three days at last count. Since then, police have registered 712 FIRs and arrested over 200 accused.”

Read More at: We hid, we found no witnesses, we were outnumbered: Delhi Police say in riot FIRs | The Indian Express

“Hakim interacted with people at the site of the longest-running and women-led protest against the new citizenship matrix”

Read More at: Syed Shahid Hakim stands with Shaheen Bagh protest | Telegraph India

“Arun, 26, and Varun, 22, are residents of the same neighbourhood in Gamri Extension”

Read More at: Brothers held for killing aged lady in riot | Telegraph India

“The possible objective of this arrest is to pre-empt passions escalating if one of the shooting victims died”

Read More at: BJP colt held in anti-CAA shooting case | Telegraph India

“Balasubramoniyan criticised the home ministry for failing to control the riots in time and spoke about the daylight attacks on journalists”

Read More at: Fence-sitters slam BJP on Delhi riot | Telegraph India

“The BJP dispensation has ordered the accused persons to pay fines for the damage allegedly caused to public and private property”

Read More at: No law backs UP name & shame posters of anti-CAA protestors: SC | Telegraph India

“Nooreh, a 22-minute film on Kashmir, was screened at the protest ground in Park Circus on Thursday evening”

Read More at: Reel connect for CAA protesters at Park Circus | Telegraph India

“The accused have been sent to seven-day police custody”

Read More at: Two more PFI members arrested over fuelling riots | The Hindu

“Seven people have been arrested in connection with the killing of a Delhi Police head constable during communal violence in northeast Delhi last month, the police said on Thursday.”

Read More at: 7 Arrested In Connection With Head Constable’s Killing In Delhi Riots: Cops | NDTV

“The organisers claimed that the protest meet would be held on Friday morning and would continue for 220 hours”

Read More at: East Singhbhum district administration’s nod to CAA-NRC protest in Jamshedpur but with conditions | Telegraph India

“Gazala said she made the masks with six folds and two layers of breathable material along with an elastic strap.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters in Kondhwa make their own masks, hand sanitiser | The Indian Express

“The development is being treated as serious in nature as it hints towards a possible involvement of politicians in sponsoring the anti-CAA protest and violence in Delhi in which over 50 were killed.”

Read More at: PFI president communicated with senior politician over anti-CAA protests: Investigators | India Today

A Times Now broadcast of March 5 ran a video of a man in red, wearing a helmet, opening fire during communal riots in Delhi. “New video of Delhi violence surfaces. Video reportedly from Maujpur…This is the 4th video of attack on police,” the channel claimed. The video was tweeted using #ShaheenLynchModel. …

Read More at: Delhi riots: Times Now misreports man firing at Muslim mob as attack on police | Alt News

“He was booked under IPC Section 307 (attempt to murder) in connection with an attack on Mohamed Tariq.”

Read More at: Aligarh Clashes: BJP Leader Arrested for Attempt to Murder | The Quint

“A section of people residing in Keezhavasal area in Thanjavur Corporation withdrew their money from their respective savings bank accounts on Thursday as a mark of protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

Read More at: Anti-CAA protesters withdraw money from bank accounts | The Hindu

“The 19th centrury social reformer still inspires women from Shaheen Bagh to Park Circus”

Read More at: ‘The future belongs to us’: Savitribai Phule and self-determination | Telegraph India

“Gogoi, who has been lodged in jail since December 12 under UAPA, has reportedly been unwell for some weeks.”

Read More at: Assam Rocked by Statewide Protests Demanding Akhil Gogoi’s Release | The Wire

“Three months after violence took place inside Jamia Milia Islamia campus, including at the library, score of students Wednesday returned after word spread that it had been open again.”

Read More at: Back on its feet: Jamia library reopens, three months after violence | The Indian Express

“Trouble broke out at the Upper Kot locality last month when police were trying to evict women anti-CAA protestors who were squatting on the Mohamed Ali Road near the Kotwali police station.”

Read More at: Aligarh clashes: BJP leader, five others arrested | The Indian Express

Avoiding formal cases and evidence, the UP police have forced on thousands of scared residents—mostly Muslim—“good-behaviour” bonds, worth exponentially more than their income, deterring protests against the citizenship law.

Lucknow/Sambhal: Private-school teacher Mujahidul Islam was, as he put it, “in a state of shock” because the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has demanded from him a good-behaviour bond of Rs 50,00,000, or 416 times his monthly income.

Read More at: Without Protest, UP Muslims Are Signing Good-Behaviour Bonds | article14

“Activists S.R. Darapuri, Sadaf Jafar and Deepak Kabir, however, welcomed the SC’s decision to refer the matter to a larger bench.”

Read More at: ‘Their Purpose, However, has been Fulfilled’: Deepak Kabir on Lucknow Anti-CAA Hoardings | NewsClick

On the eve of Women’s Day in London, thousands of women marched in solidarity with Shaheen Bagh.

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh women inspire Million Women Rise 2020 in London | Indian Cultural Forum

“Firozabad was the worst-hit district in the state as violence broke out following anti-CAA protests and seven persons died.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protests: Rs 4 lakh recovered for damage to properties in first phase in Firozabad | The Indian Express

“The apex court bench refused to stay the Allahabad High Court order directing the Yogi Adityanath administration to remove the posters.”

Read More at: SC Says No Law To Back UP Govt Hoardings Naming Alleged Anti-CAA Protesters | The Huffpost

“Critics believe the party is unwilling to give up its urban Hindu vote bank.”

Read More at: In Punjab, AAP Has Been Missing From Protests Against CAA and Delhi Riots | The Wire

“When all institutions of the State succumb to government’s pressure tactics, it undermines the confidence of ordinary citizens in getting justice.”

Read More at: Delhi Violence: Legitimising Biased and Prejudiced Governance? | NewsClick

“Seven people have been arrested in connection with the death of a Delhi Police head constable during clashes in the northeast district last month.”

Read More at: Head constable’s killing in Delhi riots: Police says 7 people arrested | India Today

“The group has been accused of sponsoring the communal violence in Delhi last month that left 53 people dead.”

Read More at: Two PFI members arrested in Delhi for alleged role in funding violence | Scroll

“The opposition in Lok Sabha on Wednesday demanded the resignation of Home Minister Amit Shah for failing to contain the violence in Delhi for nearly three days, even as the BJP accused the Opposition of politicising the situation to further its narrow interests. The BJP, however, alleged that the violence was a pre-planned conspiracy and the home minister and authorities took proactive steps to control the situation.”

Read More at: Parliament: Amit Shah praises Delhi Police for containing riots, says culprits will not be spared | India Today

“A two-judge vacation bench of the Supreme Court told the Yogi Adityanath administration on Thursday that its decision to display the posters can’t be backed by any exisiting laws, but referred the issue of privacy to a larger bench.”

Read More at: UP name and shame posters: No stay on HC order, SC sends privacy issue to larger bench | India Today

“The AIMIM chief pointed out how the home minister avoided commenting on BJP leaders who made provocative remarks ahead of the violence.”

Read More at: Delhi violence: Asaduddin Owaisi says Amit Shah defended police, claims no justice will be done now | Scroll

Residents claim it is not the police alone but also other administrative departments that have been used to “teach them a lesson”.

Read More at: To Stop Deoband Women’s Protest, UP Police Target the Men in Their Families | The Wire

A TMC MP had asked “whether the ministry has defined what constitutes ‘urban naxals’ and its definition” and who fell under this categor.

Read More at: Phrase ‘Urban Naxal’ Is Not Used by the Government: Home Ministry | The Wire

“He was neither seen nor heard during the three days of violence that ravaged northeast Delhi last month”

Read More at: ‘Sad’ Amit Shah pats police on Delhi riots | Telegraph India

Relatives and eyewitnesses said Usman Saifi (45), a welder and resident of Mustafabad’s Nehru Vihar, was picked up by police outside a Ram temple in the locality after Sunday midnight while carrying out a vigil with two other men.

Read More at: Delhi Riots: Temple body seeks release of man who ‘kept vigil’, was arrested by police | The Indian Express

There are some grim parallels between Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938 and Delhi today.

On 9 to 10 November 1938 the German government encouraged its supporters to burn down synagogues and smash up Jewish homes, shops, businesses, schools. At least 91 Jews – and probably many more – were killed by Nazi supporters egged on by Joseph Goebbels, the minister for public enlightenment and propaganda, in what became known as Kristallnacht – “the Night of Broken Glass”. It was a decisive staging post on the road to mass genocide.

Read More at: While Muslims are being murdered in India, the rest of the world is too slow to condemn | The Independent

Some Muslim victims claim they were targeted by outsiders, some claim their Hindu neighbours turned against them. None of them have good things to say about the police.

Read More at: Ground Report: As Amit Shah Praises Delhi Police, Riot Victims Tell a Different Story | The Wire

Allahabad HC ruling against public shaming of anti-CAA protesters is enormously welcome. UP government must heed it.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s recent move to put up hoardings and banners with photographs and personal data of the citizens who had protested against the new citizenship law compromised their privacy and reeked of vindictiveness. It imperiled the safety of protesters, who have been vilified by top functionaries of the government as “anti-national”. Hence, it is reassuring that the Allahabad High Court took suo motu cognisance and called the government’s move illegal. The government has decided to challenge the order of the two-member bench of the HC, led by Chief Justice Govind Mathur, in the Supreme Court. The insistence of the Adityanath administration in persisting with its unlawful move underlines its intolerance of protest and dissent.

Read More at: Abuse of power | The Indian Express

“He alleged that several prisoners were ailing because of non-availability of medical facilities inside the jail”

Read More at: Recovering, says Akhil Gogoi, protests on | Telegraph India

“Prakash Ambedkar, president, Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi, urged the government to withdraw the National Population Register (NPR) process which is all set to begin on April 1.”

Read More at: Withdraw NPR, says Ambedkar | The Hindu

“Jamia Millia Islamia’s Dr. Zakir Husain Library, which was damaged in alleged police action in the university on December 15 last year, was reopened for students after nearly three months on Wednesday.”

Read More at: Nearly 3 months after police crackdown, one Jamia library reopens for students | India Today

“Given Yogi govt’s record, displaying addresses of selected people may have acted as indirect invitation to violence”

Read More at: UP banners: High court strictures reassuring | Telegraph India

“The BJP hit back by alleging a well-orchestrated conspiracy behind the riots and blamed the anti-CAA protests for escalating the situation”

Read More at: Opposition slams Home Minister, asks for judicial probe into Delhi riots | The Hindu

“While addressing the Lok Sabha, Meenakshi Lekhi alleged that Sonia Gandhi had told people that the fight against CAA was at a ‘do or die stage’ on December 14 and on December 15 the Jamia incident took place. As per her speech, the subsequent protests in the Shaheen Bagh area were the cause of the Delhi riots.”

Read More at: Sonia Gandhi’s Ramlila Maidan speech led to Delhi riots: Meenakshi Lekhi in Lok Sabha | India Today

The Communist Party of India has decided to take the route of non-cooperation movement to oppose the Citizen (Amendment) Act.

R.Mutharasan, State Secretary, CPI, told reporters that social harmony conference will be held across the State during this month-end as a part of the strategy. A march will be taken out from Tiruchi to Vedaranyam to oppose CAA, NRC and NPR from April 13 to 28 on the lines of ‘Salt Sathyagraha March’ held during the struggle for the country’s freedom.

Read More at: CPI to hold social harmony meet | The Hindu

“As the government came under attack from the opposition during the debate on the recent communal riots in the national capital that have claimed over 50 lives, the BJP members alleged that the violence was a pre-planned conspiracy and the home minister and authorities took proactive steps to control the situation.”

Read More at: Oppn comes down heavily on Shah; BJP says riots were pre-planned, blames anti-CAA protests | India Today

“The hoardings, ordered by Chief Minister Adityanath, had been set up to identify those who allegedly committed violence during demonstrations against the Act.”

Read More at: UP government moves SC against HC order to remove posters with CAA protestors’ names and addresses | Scroll

“Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar, social activists and grandson of B.R. Ambedkar, has said that while the Muslims are awake to the danger posed by the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the Dalits and Adivasis should also raise their voice against it.”

Read More at: Dalits, Adivasis urged to join protest against CAA | The Hindu

Mustafabad residents claim that they haven’t seen such an atmosphere prior to festival

Read More at: ‘Police picking up boys after asking their name’ | The Hindu

Union Home Minister Amit Shah revealed in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, 11 March evening that law enforcement agencies deployed facial recognition software to identify over 1,100 individuals who allegedly partook in the communal violence in northeast Delhi on 24-25 February.

Read More at: Face Recognition Tech used to Identify1100 Rioters; 300 from UP: Amit Shah in Lok Sabha on Delhi Violence | The Quint

The Gauhati High Court has set aside an order by a foreigners’ tribunal in Assam and freed a man from detention centre and has asked the tribunal for a fresh hearing of his citizenship claims. The court observed that he should get one last chance since he was declared a foreigner in an ex parte order as he never appeared for trial.

Read More at: Man Who Couldn’t Attend Citizenship Hearings Freed From Assam Detention Camp | NDTV

Manoj Mitta, who has researched on and written books about the riots in 2002 and 1984, looks at the past to make sense of the communal violence in 2020 in this interview.

Read More at: Delhi Riots: Modi Govt Should Have Asked For A Court-Monitored Probe, Says Journalist Who Covered 1984, 2002 Violence | HuffPost India

As protesters joined Delhi riots relief efforts and left for Friday prayers, channels reported Shaheen Bagh had ’emptied’.

Read More at: How Rightwing Media Outlets’ Obsession with Shaheen Bagh Led to False Reporting | The Wire

Popular Front of India has demanded a judicial inquiry by a committee headed by sitting High Court judge into the anti-Muslim violence that rocked several localities of north-east Delhi in the last week of February.

Read More at: Muslim body urges Delhi Police to stop witch-hunting of innocent Muslims in Delhi ‘riot cases’ | Maktoob

Video : How cops entered Farooquiya mosque and set the premises on fire

New Delhi: A couple of fresh videos purportedly show “complicity and involvement of Delhi Police personnel” in setting on fire Farooquiya mosque in Mustafabad during the anti-Muslim pogrom in northeast Delhi last month.

Read More at: Video : How cops entered Farooquiya mosque and set the premises on fire | Muslim Mirror 

“The state government’s appeal is scheduled to be heard on Thursday. The Allahabad High Court had termed the putting up of posters an ‘unwarranted interference in the privacy of people’.”

Read More at: UP to move SC against Allahabad HC order to remove posters of anti-CAA protesters | The Indian Express

“Peasant leader’s protest was against CAA and not sovereignty of India, say petitioners”

Read More at: Petition submitted to President for Akhil Gogoi’s release | The Hindu

“This is the first of a three-part series tracing the leading events in Assam’s politics of language, religion, ethno-nationalism and citizenship from the nineteenth century to the present day.”

Read More at: Assam and the CAA: A Pre-Independence Timeline | NewsClick

“The Special Cell of Delhi Police recently arrested Danish Khan on charges of spreading fake propaganda and fanning violence using social media platforms during anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests.”

Read More at: ED files fresh case against PFI, accuses body of orchestrating anti-CAA stir | India Today

“This is the second of a three-part series tracing the leading events in Assam’s politics of language, religion, ethno-nationalism and citizenship from the nineteenth century to the present day.”

Read More at: Assam and the CAA: A Timeline from 1947 to the Assam Accord | NewsClick

“Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have become famous for political unpredictability, which is why no one trusts them.”

Read More at: BJP insists Indian Muslims have nothing to fear from CAA – so why are people still protesting? | Scroll

Video Editor: Purnendu Pritam

The debate will continue over who were the original instigators of the Delhi violence that claimed (at last count, as per official records) 53 lives. The claims and counter claims will keep coming our way as to which of the two communities — Hindus or Muslims — are to be blamed. Did the hate speeches delivered by some politicians play a role, and to what extent? This debate is likely to go on for a while.

Read More at: Hindus and Muslims Communally Divided: What Are the Reasons Between Growing Mistrust? | The Quint

“BJP’s Anurag Thakur alleged opposition to CAA was aimed at “tarnishing” the image of India.”

Read More at: Protests Against CAA a Conspiracy to Sully India’s Image: Thakur | The Quint

“The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), one of many organisations involved in the restoration and rehabilitation of the Delhi riot victims, has pointed out that the mob had targeted the migrant Muslim”

Read More at: Targeting sources of livelihood | The Hindu

“When the public health services and the law and order machinery failed to rise to the occasion, community hospitals with limited resources stood as beacons of hope against the unjust system.”

Read More at: Woes of the wounded | The Hindu

“IN 2002, the photograph of Qutbuddin Ansari pleading for mercy with fear-ridden face and folded hands became the defining image of the Gujarat massacre. This time it is Mohammed Zubair, a 37-year-old”

Read More at: ‘They attacked my Muslim identity’ | The Hindu

“There were heartwarming instances of communal harmony as citizens reached out to neighbours in distress regardless of religion.”

Read More at: When humanity triumphed | The Hindu

“IN a pogrom where almost every lane has a tale of sorrow, Qamar Jahan’s story is not just worth a tear or two but a scathing indictment of a state that has instilled fear in its citizens. Like dozens”

Read More at: To save her Aadhaar card | The Hindu

“The collusion between the government, communal aggressors, the police and activists of the ruling dispensation, which was all too evident in all the days of the Delhi riots, could well indicate what is in store for the country as a whole.”

Read More at: Shape of things to come | The Hindu

“The police collaborated with the rioters in Delhi in most cases and apparently tortured anti-CAA protesters in custody.”

Read More at: Running with the wolves | The Hindu

“Fair reportage got lost in the “hate narrative” of “nationalistic” TV channels and the fake news spread on social media.”

Read More at: The media circus | The Hindu

“Protest prints on cloth”

Read More at: Park Circus camaraderie in colours | Telegraph India

Terrace of Rajdhani public school, a three-story building became a convenient and strategic location to unleash violence by dropping petrol bombs, firing guns and pelting bricks. Containers of bricks and unused petrol bombs and gun cartridges are seen on the terrace.

Read More at: School torched by Hindutva mob in Delhi pogrom sealed, Muslim owner arrested | Maktoob

Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA), the India chapter of global Peoples Health Movement (PHM), has accused government hospitals of serious legal and ethical violations in the aftermath of Delhi violence.

Read More at: Delhi violence: Govt hospitals denied fair treatment to riot victims, says report | Business Today

In another bizarre incident, Delhi riot victims were subjected to communal remarks, asked full form of NRC and CAA by doctors during their treatment

Read More at: Delhi Riots: “You are an extremist, terrorist”, doctors to victims during treatment | National Herald

An expert on communal riots says the country may well be witnessing the start of a larger pogrom.

Read More at: Why India’s Muslims Are in Grave Danger | Foreign Policy

Several lawyers who are providing legal aid to the victims said there were officials from the Union Home Ministry who were collecting data of all those relief workers and journalists entering the camp.

Read More at: Delhi riots: Relief workers detained, questioned by police; journalists told to go back | National Herald

At police and legal help desks at Mustafabad relief camp set up on 4 March, at least 13 families have reported missing persons. Officials say numbers could rise.

Read More at: Number of missing husbands and sons going up as riot-hit Delhi tries to pick up the pieces | The Print

#ArrestSureshChavhanke trended on Twitter after Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren responded to a video of Suresh’s controversial speech at Chanakya Hotel in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Read More at: #ArrestSureshChavhanke trends on Twitter after Hemant Soren assures action for his communal remarks | National Herald

Delhi Violence: Survivors of brutal physical assaults told The Caravan men in uniform thrashed them in Mustafabad’s Farooqia Masjid before torching the mosque.

Read More at: Men in uniform torched Mustafabad’s Farooqia Masjid, assaulted people inside: Locals | Caravan Magazine

Camera: Sumit Badola, SK Maurya, Anthony Rozario & Sravya MG

As mass-scale violence and arson took over the streets of northeast Delhi on 24 February, 22-year-old Shafia called the landlord of her cosmetics shop in Gokulpuri to know if her establishment was intact. Living at the centre of unrest in Maujpur, she was somewhat relieved to know that her two-month-old venture was left untouched.

Read More at: Delhi Violence: Loss of Livelihood as Shops and Vehicles Set on Fire | The Quint

If the police have the ‘will’ to act and discharge their constitutional obligations, there are enough powers in the law to enable them to do it effectively.

Read More at: Explained: Why the Police Fails at Handling Riots | The Wire

“Leaders at the rally drew a parallel between the Delhi riots and the 1984 massacre of Sikhs.”

Read More at: 14 Organisations March Against CAA in Ludhiana, Raise Voice Against Delhi Riots | The Wire

“Jyotiraditya Scindia’s decision to quit the Congress and join the BJP, likely at an event in Delhi later this evening, has raised a few eyebrows given his harsh criticism of the party during violence that consumed parts of Delhi last month”

Read More at: After Tweets On Delhi Violence, Jyotiraditya Scindia Set To Join BJP | NDTV

“Muscular governments never want to even re-examine their muscularity, lest it shows they are getting weak in the firmness of their purpose.”

Read More at: Fix Blame on the Neros Who Fiddled While Delhi Burnt | The Wire

‘Opposition days’, a popular measure in countries like Canada and the UK, are essentially a parliamentary oversight mechanism whereby certain days during a session are allocated for opposition parties to set the agenda of the house.

Read More at: The Power Opposition Parties Desperately Need to Keep the Ruling Party Accountable | The Wire

Generally, police and security forces evoke fear and people want to create a distance from them. But not in north east Delhi, where Hindus seem eager to thank them for their services.

Read More at: Delhi Riots: Now, Only One Community Feels Safe Around Security Forces | The Wire

Generally, police and security forces evoke fear and people want to create a distance from them. But not in north east Delhi, where Hindus seem eager to thank them for their services.

Read More at: Delhi Riots: Now, Only One Community Feels Safe Around Security Forces | The Wire

As riots rage and we join protest marches, let us not forget that small human gestures go a long way in reducing the fear of a minority persecuted.

Read More at: The Time to Reach Out to Your Muslim Friends is Now | The Wire

External affairs minister S. Jaishankar has said India is “maybe getting to know” who its “friends really are” over criticisms on CAA, Kashmir and Delhi riots.

Read More at: S Jaishankar’s remark on India’s friends: Sign of new confidence or misplaced arrogance? | The Print

The video being shared on Twitter with the claim that it was shot at Shaheen Bagh is actually from 2018.

Read More at: Video of couple having sex in public is not from Shaheen Bagh | The Print

Government has settled 308 compensation claims, including from families of 30 deceased persons and 35 injured persons.

Read More at: Six IAS Officers Lead Special Verification Drive Teams in North East Delhi | The Wire

BBC World Service Group Director Jamie Angus tells ThePrint the broadcaster is willing to face consequences of ‘independently’ covering events on ground.

Read More at: BBC says stand by our reports after Prasar Bharati CEO calls its Delhi riots coverage biased | The Print

“Hours after the court made it clear that the billboards with details of CAA protestors would have to come down, they were still standing in Lucknow.”

Read More at: The Daily Fix: Adityanath has little regard for the Constitution, as Allahabad HC order proves | Scroll

“Men and women from across the city descended at Park Circus Maidan and distributed sweets to celebrate Holi”

Read More at: Holi 2020: CAA protest takes on colours in Calcutta | Telegraph India

“The brutal and chilling communal carnage that swept through Northeast Delhi on February 23-26 has left at least 53 people dead, over 200 injured as per latest reports, and hundreds of homes, shops, vehicles and even some schools and religious places burnt or destroyed. As per last reports, of the 48 deceased persons identified, 39 were Muslims and nine Hindus. Among the injured, members of both communities have suffered.”

Read More at: Delhi: Is Justice Being Done for Victims of Communal Carnage? | NewsClick

“Kavita Krishnan spoke to regarding the pronouncements she made in the book, her perception of fearless freedom and the insidious way language affirms entitlement of men even when used for the benefit of women.”

Read More at: Kavita Krishnan: Women at the Shaheen Baghs all over India are fighting for us all to be free | The Indian Express

“The bench comprising Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Ramesh Sinha directed the District Magistrate and Commissioner of Police, Lucknow “not to place such banners on roadside containing personal data of individuals without having authority of law”.”

Read More at: Allahabad HC orders hoardings removed: Shameless depiction, colourable exercise by UP administration | The Indian Express

“A video of the accused, identified as Sheikh Gani Sheikh Rehman, purportedly using derogatory language against PM Modi during the sit-in protest near the Parbhani Collector’s office has gone viral.”

Read More at: 62-year-old man held for abusive language against PM Modi at anti-CAA protest | India Today

“Anti-CAA protests gave us poetry to resist. Hard plumbing of alternative politics is yet to be worked out”

Read More at: Politics after the Poetry | The Indian Express

“The recovery was made from families in Nalband area, which, according to officials, saw the maximum destruction to property in the city. The recovery process is now being carried out in other areas.”

Read More at: CAA protest: Firozabad families cough up Rs 4 lakh in damages | The Indian Express

“Following an appeal by the Karnataka government, the Supreme Court had on March 6 stayed the grant of bail to the 21.”

Read More at: Mangaluru anti-CAA protests: Karnataka HC grants bail, different sites, same accused | The Indian Express

“Claiming that enough damage has already been done, they said they are happy the government will not be able to do the same to others.”

Read More at: CAA protests: 57 named in posters hail Allahabad HC order as ‘victory of democracy’ | The Indian Express

No poster or hoarding naming those accused of violence during protests against the controversial citizenship law were removed till late Monday evening — hours after the Allahabad High Court order of a “forthwith” removal.

Read More at: Uttar Pradesh: No Shame Poster Removed, Yogi Adityanath’s Adviser Talks Of Options | NDTV

“The law was bound to trigger barely dormant insecurities of indigenous people”

Read More at: CAA and its divisive tenets | Telegraph India

“Following the standoff between protesters over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Mangalam near Tiruppur on Sunday, the district police continued to keep vigil on Monday”

Read More at: Police keep vigil at Mangalam following standoff | The Hindu

Mamta and Dalip Singh were adamant in their rejection of any hate politics around their son’s death, pointing out that many Muslims had also died or suffered major losses.

Read More at: Hindu Couple Who Lost Son To Delhi Riots Refuses To Fuel Muslim Mudslinging | HuffPost India

Country should heed the advice of OIC and UN rights chief

Recent events in India have raised worldwide concern as the tempo of violence against the country’s 200 million Muslim minority by Hindu hooligans armed with swords and guns has increased. So much so that the OIC, the largest organisation of the Muslim world headquartered in Jeddah, an organisation that had been quiet earlier had to make a very blunt statement.

Read More at: Threat to India’s Muslims no longer an ‘internal issue’ | Op-eds – Gulf News

A short summary of Episode 408 of #CutTheClutter where Shekhar Gupta elaborates on India’s relationship with Turkey, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Read More at: Why four important Islamic nations are angry with India | The Print

However, in prime time shows news anchors of Zee TV, Times Now, and Republic TV forwarded a common theory: “The violence was organized by members of the ‘Tukde- Tukde’ gang/Lutyens Delhi with an aim to defame the image of India globally during the visit of Donald Trump.”

Read More at: Right wing media make Muslim men the ‘villains’ behind Delhi anti-Muslim pogrom | Maktoob

Delhi Police says people are being detained every day in connection with the riots, at least 150 people have been arrested until now.

Read More at: Muslim man guarding Ram temple in riot-hit Northeast Delhi arrested | The Print

Putting up names & photos of anti-CAA protesters is an invitation to mobs — Allahabad High Court has labelled it ‘absolute encroachment’ on citizens’ liberty.

Read More at: Every person on Yogi Adityanath’s UP posters is now vulnerable — just like Gauri Lankesh was | The Print

Stories from the past began to haunt me as I hopped from one devastated mosque to another in north-east Delhi, where mobs killed and looted with impunity for well over 48 hours in late February.

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“IUML to hold meetings with voluntary organisations ahead of all-party meet on Census”

Read More at: Muslim organisations to intensify anti-CAA stir | The Hindu

“In the days since the protests began against the CAA to the Delhi riots, media persons have been shot, beaten, heckled, arrested and harassed.”

Read More at: Media Collective Expresses Concern Over Attacks on Journalists Since Passing of CAA | The Wire

“Two weeks after lighting up Twitter in India with an episode sharply critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, British comedian John Oliver returned to social media trends on Monday following a segment on his satirical current-affairs programme that slammed censorship in the country.”

Read More at: Comedian John Oliver Slams Hotstar For Blocking Show On CAA, PM Modi | NDTV

“The Allahabad High Court of Uttar Pradesh on Monday directed the Lucknow administration to remove posters of those accused of vandalism during anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests, which left many people dead.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA in UP: Allahabad HC directs removal of name and shame posters of protesters | India Today

The violence was clearly orchestrated to end peaceful protests against Amit Shah’s ‘chronology’.

Read More at: The Delhi pogrom 2020 is Amit Shah’s answer to an election defeat | The Print

Iran has criticised India on the Delhi riots. It had also reacted to the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition and the 2002 riots, but its strong words now have caught notice. A look at the bilateral history and global context

Read More at: Explained: Reading the criticism from Iran | The Indian Express

Psychologists at IHBAS have offered treatment to over 35 people who were traumatised after they witnessed the clashes last month, which left 53 dead and over 300 injured.

Read More at: Delhi violence: ‘Many injured in riots stressed, traumatised,’ says IHBAS, offers counselling | The Indian Express

CM Yogi Adityanath’s media advisor on Twitter said, “Allahabad HC has asked the government to remove posters and not drop charges [against alleged rioters], thus we will continue to fight to highlights the rioters’ identity.”

Read More at: Will continue to highlight identity of ‘rioters’: UP govt on Allahabad HC order | India Today

An imaginary conversation with Urdu’s best-known poet — about the police brutality in Jamia Millia Islamia, CAA, Sedition, Shaheen Bagh, and much more — that flits between the past and the present

‘Ghalib’ hamen na chhed ki phir josh-e-ashk se
baithe hain ham tahayya-e-toofaan kiye hue
(Ghalib, don’t torment me — for again, with a turmoil of tears,
I sit here, well equipped for a typhoon)

Read More at: Mirza Ghalib at Jamia Square | The Punch Magazine

No group stands to lose as much as women do if the CAA-NRC are implemented. The Indian woman knows that, and knowledge guides her in the protests.

Read More at: We Are Seeing, for the First Time, a Sustained Countrywide Movement Led by Women | The Wire

“The senior superintendent of police of Allahabad, however, has claimed that no ultrasound clinic was raided or forced to shut shop in recent days.”

Read More at: Adityanath Govt Sends Police to ‘Raid’ Clinic Owned by CAA Dissenter’s Wife | The Wire

“All posters and hoardings in Uttar Pradesh – naming those accused of violence during protests against the controversial citizenship law – have to be removed, the Allahabad High Court ordered today.”

Read More at: “Shameless”: Court Shreds UP Over Posters Of Anti-CAA Protest Accused| NDTV

“Taking up the matter on Sunday, a bench comprising Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Ramesh Sinha termed the action of Uttar Pradesh authorities as “highly unjust” and said it was an absolute encroachment on personal liberty of individuals.”

Read More at: Anti-CAA protests: Allahabad HC Objects to Putting up of Roadside Banners of Accused in UP | NewsClick

KARACHI: Representatives of Pakistan’s Hindu community on Sunday marched in support of the Muslims of Delhi affected by violent riots in the Indian capital last month, and announced they would celebrate this year’s Holi festival on Monday with sobriety as a message of protest against the violence in India.

Read More at: Pakistani Hindus march, cancel major Holi celebrations to protest Delhi riots | Arab News PK

“The Delhi Police has arrested a member of the PFI for his alleged links with the couple arrested on Sunday. The couple was held for connections to an IS module.”

Read More at: Delhi Police detains PFI member linked to couple with connections to IS module | India Today

“Pramod Singh Kushwah, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) said the couple has been identified as Jahanjeb Sami (36) and his wife Hina Bashir Beg (39).”

Read More at: Couple Linked to ISIS Detained by Delhi Police for Instigating Anti-CAA Protests | The Wire

An anti-CAA protester at the Clock Tower here has died of a cardiac arrest in a city hospital. This is the second death of a protester in the past one month.

Farida, 55, had got drenched in rain on Friday and was admitted to a hospital after she fell ill. She died on Sunday.

Read More at: Anti-CAA protester dies in Lucknow, 2nd in a month | India Today

“The protesters at Shaheen Bagh were joined by women from Lucknow, where a similar protest is underway for over 50 days, nearby Ghaziabad, riot-hit Jaffrabad in Delhi and social workers on Sunday.”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh abuzz on International Women’s Day, women from across country support protest | India Today

“Former Patiala MP Parneet Kaur also accompanied the group. “It is great to visit Kartarpur Sahib on Women’s Day to celebrate the power of women. Guru Nanak spent 18 years at Kartarpur Sahib,” Parneet said.”

Read More at: All-woman delegation goes to Kartarpur Sahib | The Indian Express

“The plan comes at a time when the Allahabad High Court reserved its order on the state government’s move to put up similar posters in Lucknow.”

Read More at: Meerut to put up photos of anti-CAA protesters, send damage notices | The Indian Express

“In Mansa, a 100-year-old woman, Mukhtair Kaur, was part of the anti-CAA indefinite dharna. Former JNUSU president Geeta Kumari addressed the women on Sunday.”

Read More at: International Women’s Day: Thousands of women join anti-CAA protests across Punjab | The Indian Express

The comedian also found that the Modi episode had not aired in India and had some choice words for Hotstar’s self censorship.

Read More at: John Oliver Lambasts Arnab Goswami And Hotstar In Latest Episode | HuffPost India

People I have known for ages and counted as my friends are vertically divided. Our only hope of success is that our two great leaders suddenly begin to realise that India with its diversity will be destroyed if they insist on taking the suicidal path they have chosen

Read More at: I grieve for my country as never before : The Tribune India

“East Delhi dairy farmer, who had fired at the site on February 1, received bail on Friday and was released on Saturday”

On Women’s Day, a sale was held at Shaheen Bagh, the site of the longest-running and women-led protest against the new citizenship matrix, to raise funds for the Delhi riot victims and a moment of silence was observed for everyone killed in the carnage.

Read More at: Spoilers on Women’s Day at Shaheen Bagh | Telegraph India

“Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum has called the raid and shutdown an unjustified act by the UP govt”

The Uttar Pradesh government has been accused of raiding and shutting down an Allahabad-based ultrasound clinic run by a doctor whose husband had joined a campaign against the amended citizenship law.

Read More at: Charge: wife’s clinic pays for husband’s CAA views | Telegraph India

“A bench of Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Ramesh Sinha reserved its order till March 9”

Allahabad High Court on Sunday said it was “highly unjust” that authorities had put up roadside banners with photographs and information of people asked to pay compensation for damages to property during protests against the citizenship act and hoped they would be removed.

Read More at: Name and shame posters of CAA protesters ‘highly unjust’: Allahabad High Court | Telegraph India

“Supported by women activists from Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, the Sector 17 Plaza was taken over by women activists and student leaders from the city to commemorate the International Women’s Day.”

Read More at: Women’s Day: Women activists, Shaheen Bagh protesters, take over Plaza in Chandigarh | The Indian Express

“While the kids drew admiration from one and all, Jyoti Mondal, a third-year student of Rabindra Bharati University, kept writing feisty slogans on chart papers using black and red marker pens”

Read More at: Pen and brush in CAA protest show at Calcutta’s Park Circus Maidan | Telegraph India

“Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, the epicentre of anti-CAA protest, was abuzz with women from several parts of the country joining the agitation on International Women’s Day.”

Read More at: Women From Across Country Pledge Support To Shaheen Bagh Protesters | NDTV

Four scholars contextualize India’s controversial citizenship amendments within the history of imperial rule, mobility, and itinerancy in South Asia. By Swati Chawla, Jessica Namakkal, Kalyani Ramnath, Lydia Walker

Read More at: Who Is a Citizen in Contemporary India? | Epicenter | Harvard

On February 23rd, violence broke out in New Delhi for three days as Hindutva mobs attacked Muslims. Mustafabad, a Muslim locality witnessed some of this violence and now acts as a safe place for those displaced.

Read More at: DELHI RIOTS: THE AFTERMATH | EXCLUSIVE – YouTube | The Muslim Vibe

“Women and men joined the event in Islamabad, the largest such rally in the country, for what is known in Pakistan as the Aurat March, using the Urdu word for women.”

Read More at: On International Women’s day, conservatives hurl stones, shoes on women at ‘Aurat March’ in Pakistan | India Today

“Even as Shaheen Bagh was teeming with an assortment of activities dedicated towards the relief fund, the primary discussion was centred on the stir against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed nationwide National Register of Citizens (NRC).”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh women mark International Women’s Day, lend a helping hand to Delhi riot victims | The Indian Express

It began when the BJP MLA from Bijapur, Basangouda Patil Yatnal, called him a “fake freedom fighter” and a “Pakistani agent” last month, seeking proof of his involvement in the Independence movement.

Read More at: 102-year-old readies CV as BJP puts him to freedom fighter test | The Indian Express

The Delhi Police crime branch, probing the murder cases registered during the Delhi riots, has arrested Shahnawaz for allegedly killing 20-year-old Dilbar Singh Negi and is trying to identify the other suspects.

Read More at: Delhi riots: One held for killing sweet shop employee who wanted to join Army – India News | IndiaToday

‘Police were displaying clear signs of partisanship … looking on while the mob was going after civilians, going into homes, burning property, killing people,’ Adam Withnall is told

Read More at: Delhi riots: Violence that killed 53 in Indian capital ‘was anti-Muslim pogrom’, says top expert | The Independent

“With chants of ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ and ‘Hindustan Zindabad’, the protestors appeared upbeat.”

Read More at: People From Across India Join Shaheen Bagh Protest on Women’s Day | The Quint

“‘Out of the 702 cases filed, 49 have been registered under the Arms Act’”

Read More at: Delhi Violence | Over 700 cases filed, nearly 2,400 people held | The Hindu

The service prayed that ‘the rumours and spread of fake news may stop’

The citizenship drive is accused of targeting Muslims. But many across minority communities believe they should all feel threatened. The common fear is that India is taking steps towards a becoming a majoritarian state. They fear Muslims are just the first target and Christians, Dalits and other backward classes could be next in line.

Read More at: Prayer for peace in motherland in Kolkata | Telegraph India

“Fresh off the remarkable turnout in his anti-CAA rally, the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi founder speaks on the politics that he is keen to oppose.”

Read More at: ‘Ambedkarite Parties Must Oppose CAA’: Thol Thirumavalavan Speaks to The Wire | The Wire

“A couple from Kashmir, accused of links with the ISIS unit from Afghanistan’s Khorasan Province, has been detained by the police from south Delhi, police sources said. Sources said they were planning a suicide attack in Delhi and inciting young Muslim men to conduct terror strikes. The ISIS, the sources said, has a big role in engineering the protests against the contentious citizenship law and the National Register of Citizens.”

Read More at: ISIS-Linked Couple Had Plans Of Suicide Attack In Delhi: Police Sources | NDTV

“The organic nature of women claiming their spaces was replaced in the nightmare reality of men who killed, set houses and shops on fire and caused havoc in north east Delhi. ”

Read More at: How Men Turned a Peaceful, Women-Led Protest Into an Excuse to Riot | The Wire

“As the anti-CAA protests continue across the country—despite the violence the national capital witnessed in February—on the eve of International Women’s Day, protesters in London marched in solidarity with the women-lead movement at Shaheen Bagh.”

Read More at: Shaheen Bagh Solidarity at London’s Million Women Rise March | NewsClick

“The couple had been living in Delhi since August of last year and were in touch with a module of the Islamic State, said the Delhi Police (Special Cell).”

Read More at: Delhi Police arrests couple with connections to IS module, recover material pointing to terror strikes | India Today

“Earlier in the day, the court had said that ‘good sense’ should prevail among state authorities, and noted that the hoardings should be removed.”

Read More at: Allahabad HC raps UP for displaying details of anti-CAA protestors, reserves order till Monday | Scroll

“The couple was detained in an early morning operation after inputs were shared by the Intelligence Bureau. A probe is underway and several agencies are questioning them, a senior official said.”

Read More at: Delhi: Couple with IS links detained from Jamia Nagar, was inciting anti-CAA protests | The Indian Express

“A division bench, comprising Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Ramesh Sinha, which took up the matter suo moto, said the order would be delivered at 2 pm on Monday.”

Read More at: Allahabad High Court reserves order on hoardings of anti-CAA protesters | The Indian Express

“‘They were involved in instigating anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protests’”

Read More at: Delhi Police detains couple linked to ISIS for instigating anti-CAA protests | The Hindu

The Modi government is so thin-skinned that even mild criticism is seen as an attack. Dissent is seen as sedition, and if you happen to be a dissenting Muslim, you risk being labelled a traitor.

Read More at: Tavleen Singh writes on Delhi violence: Modi govt is so thin-skinned that even mild criticism is seen as attack | The Indian Express

“The Allahabad High Court on Sunday pulled up the Yogi Adityanath government for putting up posters with names, addresses of the anti-CAA protesters in Lucknow calling the decision an encroachment on public liberty.”

Read More at: Allahabad High Court reserves order on posters naming, shaming anti-CAA protesters in Lucknow | India Today

“Night curfew which was in force in Meghalaya capital Shillong for more than a week has been withdrawn following improvement in the law and order situation.”

Read More at: After 3 deaths in clashes, night curfew lifted from Shillong | India Today

“His counsel contended that the FIR in the case was filed with an unexplained delay of six hours.”

Read More at: Delhi: Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil Gujjar gets bail | Scroll

Barring a small number of young people who do not live with their parents, this won’t create any major data gaps for the vast majority.

Read More at: Using 2010 NPR questionnaire will not block NRC – parents’ date, place of birth will still be noted | Scroll

“‘Rules under which notice issued challenged before SC’”

Read More at: Allahabad HC stays recovery order against CAA protesters | The Hindu

As New Delhi grapples with the aftermath of deadly communal clashes, here is Yogendra Yadav explaining the gradual decay of Indian secularism. He was speaking to Cine Ink’s Pervaiz Alam in 2018.

Read More at: Secularism is Sacred And Hypocritical: Yogendra Yadav | Brut.

“The Allahabad High Court on Sunday observed that putting up hoardings by the Uttar Pradesh government featuring names with photographs of those accused of violence during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is a violation of the privacy of a person.”

Read More at: Allahabad HC observes hoardings of anti-CAA protesters by UP govt as violation of privacy: Lawyer | India Today

The external affairs minister also sought to debunk the bad press the CAA has been getting globally with the words, “There are sections of the world outside of the media.”

Read More at: ‘No Country Welcomes Everyone As Citizens’: Jaishankar at CAA Critics | The Wire

During the carnage of 1984, this Sikh man and his family were protected by his neighbours. In 2020, when North East Delhi was swept by a wave of communal violence, he went out of his way to return the favour. Meet the brave Mohinder Singh of Gokulpuri.

Read More at: Sikh Man Helps Rescue Muslims Caught In Delhi Riot | Brut.

“A team of the Uttar Pradesh child rights body has visited Muzaffarnagar district to inquire into the alleged atrocities on children in violence during protests against the amended citizenship law last December.”

Read More at: UP rights panel visits Muzaffarnagar over alleged atrocities on children during CAA violence | India Today

“The court took suo motu notice of the Lucknow administration’s controversial decision to ‘name and shame’ persons accused in the violence during the protests against the CAA by putting up their photos in hoardings all over the city”

Read More at: ‘Name and shame’ hoardings: Allahabad HC defers hearing to 3 p.m. today | The Hindu

“A team of the Uttar Pradesh child rights body has visited Muzaffarnagar district to inquire into the alleged atrocities on children in violence during protests against the amended citizenship law last December.”

Read More at: UP Child Rights Body Visits Muzaffarnagar Over CAA Violence | NDTV

“Priyanka Gandhi asserted that the High Court has told the government that the said officials are not above the Constitution and their accountability will be fixed.”

Read More at: Priyanka Gandhi slams Yogi Adityanath over hoardings in UP naming anti-CAA protesters | India Today

“The violence in northeast Delhi last week over contentious citizenship law that killed at least 50 people will remain etched in the memory of locals for a long time. But they will also remember stories of courage, survival and brotherhood that emerged at the difficult time and inspired neighbourhoods.”

Read More at: Delhi Man, His Son Saved Over 60 People During Clashes Over CAA | NDTV

The past week saw street protests in not just Bangladesh but also Afghanistan against the Delhi riots.

Read More at: Delhi’s ‘friend’ test after protests | Telegraph India

Once they are back in their battered homes and the men leave to find work, how will they spend long days among the women they had considered friends until the violence began?

Read More at: Riot-Hit Women In Delhi Contemplate Their Future: How To Go Back To Living Together? | HuffPost India

Urging everyone to adopt a ‘democratic vigil’ against such trends, the Chief Minister said the tactics of the Centre was to bring everyone under its control by instilling fear.

Read More at: ‘Dangerous trend’: Vijayan flays ban on Asianet News, Media One over Delhi riots’ coverage- The New Indian Express

The women say they have been raising their voice for the protection of the Constitution and have muted the voices of politicians and of religious leaders.

Read More at: ‘We Can Fight Our Battles’: How The Indian Muslim Woman Shattered All Myths | News18

Officials present at review meetings said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is learnt to have pulled up a few officers after he found their efforts waning.

Read More at: Delhi riot: Compensation starts coming in but some say more may be needed | The Indian Express

The purpose of embedded communalism in routine media coverage is to leverage existing prejudices and hatreds at a mass level and amplify the politics seeking to harness them

Read More at: Media-manufactured hate in times of riots : The Tribune India

Kaleem was wanted by the Narcotics Cell of the Delhi police in an old cannabis smuggling case. During interrogation, he told police that Shahrukh Pathan, who was on the run after the riots in Delhi, had come to him for help.

Read More at: Wanted drug trafficker arrested for helping Delhi riots shooter Shahrukh flee – India News | IndiaToday

“The Orwellian dystopia of Big Brother watching every move…”

Read More at: State and Lawlessness: Justice S Muralidhar | Brut.

Govt keener to ‘browbeat’ Harsh than book politicians whose provocative speeches stoked Delhi riots: Dushyant Dave

Read More at: Dare on hate speakers by Harsh Mander | Telegraph India

“Uttar Pradesh Minister Mohsin Raza alleged that people whose names are put up in hoardings destroyed public properties.”

Read More at: Allahabad HC hearing today over hoardings by UP govt naming anti-CAA ‘vandals’ | India Today

“Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday hit out at Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government over hoardings with names, addresses, and photos of those who were accused of violence during protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The hoardings were put up at prominent intersections in Lucknow.”

Read More at: Priyanka Gandhi Slams Yogi Adityanath Over CAA-Violence Accused Posters | NDTV

“A division bench headed by CJ Govind Mathur will hear the matter at 10 am on Sunday, 8 March.”

Read More at: Name & Shame Posters of CAA Protesters: Allahabad HC Hearing Today | The Quint