"If it’s evil, it’s not us | The Hindu"

If it’s evil, it’s not us | The Hindu

“It is so much easier and happier when everyone else but us is in the wrong”

The CAA protest. And why should that be? Isn’t Delhi immune to protests by now? Marches for Nirbhaya, vigils for Jessica Lal, millions of farmers squatting, Dalit marches, Section 377 parades… the list is endless. Surely they could have ignored this one, too?

Ah, but you forgot. This protest was by Muslims. How dare a minority community that is here on our sufferance protest? How dare they keep it peaceful? How dare their ‘backward’ women find a voice? How dare they sing the national anthem and raise the tricolour? How dare they include inter-faith songs and prayers? How dare their leaders speak like statesmen and advise peace and non-violence?

Vaishna Roy

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