Detention Centers in India

Detention Centers In India?

Public display of utmost contradiction from the top two Ministers of our Nation, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah has been the talk of the town. With uncertainty spread by today’s media being the first leg of the worry for common man, the extreme differences in the public statements made by the so called leaders is the second leg, which are leading our nation to a huge level of ambiguity and disorientation. Our country’s social and economical growth are the ones getting stampeded in this journey.

PM Modi & Amit Shah about NRC

Also on the Detention Centers in India

“Since my government came to power in 2014 there has been no discussion what so ever about NRC”

Prime Minster Narendra Modi

“The NRC will be implemented not just in Assam, but all across India…”

Home Minster Amit Shah

“There are no detention centers in India. These are lies spread by Urban Naxals”

Prime Minster Narendra Modi

A Little About NRC

First let’s hear a little about what is NRC and what is special about Assam

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the register containing names of Indian Citizens. The National Citizenship Register (NRC) has been updated in Assam state to identify foreign Bangladeshi intruders. These Bangladeshi intruders entered into India during the 1971 Bangladeshi War. As per NRC, only those persons who were citizens of Assam before March 25, 1971 or their ancestors were from Assam, are considered Indian citizens.

What are the Truth About the Detention Centers?

Media reports related to the Detention Centers in India

“There are no detention centers in India. These are lies spread by Urban Naxals”

– Prime Minster Narendra Modi

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Are there any detention centres in India?
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matlab Kay hai

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on NRC and the Detention Centers in Assam

Only three of the 28 people who died of various illnesses so far at detention camps in Assam had their addresses in Bangladesh, the state Assembly was informed on Saturday. 

28 Died In Assam Detention Camps, 3 Of Them From Bangladesh

Republic World

Some of the workers building the camp said they were not on a citizenship list Assam released last week as part of a drive to detect illegal immigrants. That means the workers could themselves end up in detention. 

Assam NRC: Workers at India’s first detention camp for illegal migrants may end up there

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The Indian government stripped citizenship from 2 million people, mostly Muslims. Now it wants to put them in camps.

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The plight of an ‘indigenous foreigner’ comes as a horrifying reminder of what lies in store

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Spread over 25 bighas, the detention centre, being constructed at a cost of Rs 46 crore, is located at Matia in Goalpara, 129 km from Guwahati, and will be able to house 3,000 inmates.

India’s biggest detention camp nears completion

Telegraph India

Deaths have nothing to do fear or pressure, says Nityanand Rai

28 deaths in Assam’s detention camps, minister tells Rajya Sabha

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